Expedia Ends COVID Vaccine Mandate

Expedia has ended its COVID vaccine mandate, for both employees and visitors to its offices.

You’ve Got To Bail Everyone Out, Says Barry Diller

You’ve got to bail everyone out says Expedia and IAC Chairman Barry Diller. The damage that is being done every day is enormous. Everybody needs to be bailed out of this one-time thing and we’ll worry about paying the bills later.

Barry Diller: I See the Landscape As Cataclysmic

Expedia and IAC Chairman Barry Diller said that the economic and business landscape caused by the coronavirus and the political actions to fight it have been cataclysmic. Diller does not see a return to normal anytime soon. He believes that people will first have get over being scared and that won’t be easy.

Expedia Cuts Ad Spend From $5 Billion To $1 Billion

But as far as advertising is concerned at Expedia, for instance, we spend $5 billion a year in advertising. We won’t spend $1 billion dollars in advertising probably this year. You just rip that across everything and there you are.

Google Cloud & Sabre Partner ‘To Build The Future Of Travel’

Google Cloud and Sabre announced a 10-year partnership that will see Sabre move to Google Cloud and the two companies work “to build the future of travel,” according to a press release. Sabre is a travel company that was originally…

Expedia Pricing Tactics Powered By AI and Reams of Data, Says CEO

“We sit on reams of data with 750 million visits to Expedia Group properties every single month,” says Expedia CEO Mark Okerstrom. “We’re using AI to help inform some of our lodging partners with pricing tactics, to help them price more effectively both in the alternative accommodation space and in the traditional lodging space.”

Barry Diller on the Internet Revolution: Really Young, Truly Radical, Very Troubled

Internet pioneer Barry Diller says that the Internet revolution is still really young. He also says that this truly radical revolution is right now a very troubled revolution.

Hopper CEO Says that their Travel App Predicts Future Prices via Big Data and AI

Hopper, an AI-driven prediction travel app that competes with Priceline and Expedia, is somewhat under the radar but actually has been around for over 3 years and has over 30 million users.

Expedia CEO Calls Google Penalty ‘Speculative’

It appeared last month that Expedia had been penalized by Google for its linking practices. Searchmetrics data showed a 25% drop in Google search visibility. Google and Expedia have both remained silent on the issues, but NenadSEO had blogged about…

Expedia Apparently Penalized By Google For Linking Practices

It looks like Google has penalized travel site Expedia, one its competitors, which is part of the FairSearch Coalition, which regularly lobbies for antitrust action to be taken against the search giant. Data from SearchMetrics (via Search Engine Land) shows…

Travel Deals: A Cure For the Common Christmas

“Next year we’re not doing a Christmas tree or gifts at all! We’re all just going to go to Hawaii!” Each year since my youth my mom has hollered this through a straitjacket of stringed lights as if it was…

Expedia To Power Travelocity Starting Next Year

Expedia and Travelocity announced a strategic partnership, which will see Expedia powering Travelocity’s platforms, and giving the site access to its own services. Travelocity will still continue to market its own brand, and will remained owned by Sabre Holdings and…

Ironically, FairSearch Company Expedia Accused Of Breaking Antitrust Laws

Expedia, along with a number of other companies, including Orbitz, Travelocity, Sabre Holdings Corp., Marriott International, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, and Hilton Worldwide, have been named in a federal lawsuit in California for conspiring to fix hotel room prices,…

Google Would Support A Transparency Review From The FTC. Competitors? No Comment.

Last month, search industry veteran Danny Sullivan called upon the United States Federal Trade Commission to scrutinize Google and other search engines – specifically, looking into their disclosure of paid listings. A Google spokesperson tells WebProNews, “Consumers benefit from clear…

Expedia Complains To EU About Google Ahead Of Antitrust Decision

The EU is expected to make a decision on how to proceed in an antitrust investigation of Google after Easter. EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said as much earlier this week. That leaves time for more to complain about Google…

Expedia Last Minute Deals : Give Away Your Work

Planning a trip seams fun in theory but I just never seem to get around to doing it. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else just took care of it? Yes, It’s called a travel agent and they’re too expensive…

Groupon and Expedia Join for Groupon Getaways

Daily deals site Groupon has just announced a partnership with online travel company Expedia to bring deals to travel. The service will be called “Groupon Getaways” and will start in the U.S. and Canada with plans to expand to other…

Expedia and TripAdvisor to Break Up

Expedia announced that it’s separating from TripAdvisor to form two seaprate companies. This has already been approved by the Board of Directors. Both companies will be publicly traded. TripAdvisor will include domestic and international operations associated with the TripAdvisor Media…

Expedia Launches Facebook Travel Sweepstakes

Online travel site Expedia said today it is launching a Facebook promotion that will offer more than $1 million worth of travel to friends on the social network. The promotion is called the “Expedia FriendTrips” and people can participate in…

Expedia Launches Facebook Contest To Name Its Vacation Packages

Online travel website Expedia has launched the “You Name it Contest and Sweepstakes,” on its Facebook page with the aim of coming up with a better name for its Vacation Packages.