China Issues “Guide for Civilized Tourism”

In China, general etiquette just became a law, specifically when you’re planning to travel. CNN reports that a massive tourism law went into effect on October 1 that aims to combat the perception of Chinese travelers behaving unpleasantly. The law…

Should There Be Etiquette in Social Media?

Social media has, no doubt, brought about a great deal of benefits for consumers and businesses. At the same time, however, it has had some harmful effects on others. To be clear, the blunders that have occurred through social media should be credited to the user and not the platform; but the fact remains that if the user had exercised proper etiquette, the harmful effect may not have happened.

Jackass’ Ryan Dunn Dies, Roger Ebert Slams Him On Twitter

Too soon, or a harsh dose of truth? Just hours after the news broke about the untimely death of Jackass star Ryan Dunn, legendary film critic Roger Ebert called him and his friends out for drunk driving. Dunn, who was…

Happy Birthday To Me (On Facebook)

Today marks the day that I first drew breath in this beautiful, awful, wonderful, messed-up world of ours. Since I am past the ages where birthdays net you anything important, all I have to look forward to is the cash…

Apparently, No One Likes Mobile Device Users

While we may be a nation of mobile device users — largely, anyway — it’s clear almost no one is using their device in a respectful, concerned-for-others manner.  What’s worse is, even if a large majority of users knows mobile device user behavior is largely inconsiderate, it doesn’t stop them from acting the same way when they’re using their own devices.