Dropbox Acquiring Boxcyptor Assets to Enable End-to-End Encryption

Dropbox has announced a deal to acquire assets from Boxcryptor in an effort to bring end-to-end encryption to its service.

Windows Bug Could Result In Data Loss on Newer PCs

Microsoft is warning a bug in the latest versions of Windows could result in data loss when combined with some newer PCs.

Experts Warn the EU’s DMA Will Break Encryption

Another day, another attack on encryption, with security experts warning the EU’s DMA legislation will likely break, or severely weaken, encryption.

Like a Bad Penny the EARN IT Act Is Back

In the latest attack on privacy and encryption, lawmakers have re-introduced the EARN IT Act, described as “one of the worst pieces of Internet legislation.”

Apple Will Check Photo Uploads for Child Sex Abuse Images

Apple will begin checking photos being uploaded to its iCloud service against a database of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), in an effort to protect children.

IBM Brings It’s Quantum System One to Germany

IBM has unveiled its first quantum computer outside the US, bringing the Quantum System One to Germany.

Dropbox Passwords Going Free As LastPass Cripples Free Version

Dropbox has announced it is making Dropbox Passwords free to all users, providing a valuable password management option when it’s needed most.

Intel and Microsoft Working For DARPA On Usable Homomorphic Encryption

Intel and Microsoft are working with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop a usable form of homomorphic encryption.

WhatsApp Delays Privacy Changes Amid Backlash

Facebook’s WhatsApp has announced it will delay its privacy policy changes, amid one of the biggest waves of backlash the company has faced.

Signal Growing So Fast It Experienced Technical Issues

Signal has been adding so many new users that it experienced technical issues today.

Signal Adds Encrypted Group Calls

Signal has added a major new feature, giving users the ability to engage in encrypted groups calls.

FTC Holds Zoom Accountable For Misleading Security Claims

Zoom has agreed to a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over misleading security claims.

Zoom End-to-End Encryption Rolling Out Next Week

Zoom has announced it will be rolling out end-to-end encryption (E2EE) beginning next week.

US Joins International Call For Encryption Backdoors

Once again, the US is calling for weakened encryption, along with the Five Eyes, Japan and India.

Verizon Future-Proofs Network With Quantum Key Distribution

Verizon has become the first wireless carrier to pilot the use of quantum key distribution (QKD) to help secure its network.

Google Introduces Confidential Computing, a New Way of Encrypting Cloud Data

Google Cloud has introduced Confidential Computing in a bid to help secure data in the cloud.

EARN IT Act Moves Forward After Addressing Encryption Concerns

The EARN IT Act has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee after addressing concerns about weakening encryption.

Senators Introduce Legislation Attacking Encryption

Another day, another attack on the encryption standards that protect every single person using the internet and computing devices.

Signal Now Allows Chat History Transfer on iOS

Secure messaging app Signal has added the ability to transfer one’s chat history on iOS devices.

IBM Unveils Homomorphic Encryption Toolkit for macOS and iOS

IBM has unveiled a toolkit for developers to start implementing homomorphic encryption on macOS and iOS.