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Tag: electric car

CES 2020: Sony Wows With Electric Car Prototype
Showing its more than a consumer electronics company, Sony unveiled an electric concept car at CES 2020. The Vision-S is a prototype designed to showc...
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Ford Proves the Power of All-Electric F-150 Truck By Pulling Train!
Ford Motor Company released a video of its F-150 All-Electric Truck prototype to allay any fears from truck owners that the electric version would be ...
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Tesla Releases Model 3, Automaker Struggles to Keep Up With Demand
Investors were not deterred by Tesla Inc’s latest report of a financial loss said to be the largest in the carmaker’s history. Last week, the comp...
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Volkswagen Passat, Beetle Go Fuel-Efficient
Volkswagen this week announced its 2015 car model lineup. The company is continuing to iterate past models while introducing what could very well be t...
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Wireless Electric Car Chargers Are Coming
Production of electric vehicles is set to take off this year and the technology will make up a large portion of car sales within the next two decades....
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Electric Vehicle Production to Ramp Up This Year
Millions of electric vehicles are set to hit U.S. and European roads in the coming decade. This trend is already beginning as government mandates and ...
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U.S. Electric Car Sales to Top 2.6 Million by 2022
As consumers begin to view electric cars more favorably, the market for such vehicles has now opened up for manufacturers. As the cost benefits for el...
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Over 40% of U.S. Households Could Use Electric Vehicles Without Changing Habits
Though consumers in the U.S. are finally viewing electric vehicles as an option at an expanding rate, less that 1% of Americans are currently driving ...
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Emissions Laws May Push Electric Car Adoption
Though electric vehicles are slowly becoming more popular in western markets, car manufacturers are still being conservative with the technology. This...
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Fisker Automotive Files for Bankruptcy
Fisker Automotive, maker of the “Karma” plug-in electric hybrid luxury sedan, filed for bankruptcy protection last week, marking an end to...
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Elon Musk Calls Media Coverage of Tesla Unreasonable
In the past couple of months, several fires have broken out as a result of accidents involving Tesla Model S cars and multiple purchasers. As the comp...
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Electric Car Charger Market to Grow in Coming Decade
With plug-in electric cars set to become ever more popular in the coming years, and installation of stand-alone charging stations now ramping up, it a...
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Electric Car Charging Stations Now Number 64,000 Worldwide
Though hybrid cars are becoming more ubiquitous on U.S. roads, sales of fully-electric plug-in vehicles are still ramping up slowly. Part of the reaso...
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Electrics to Make Up 7% of Light Vehicle Market by 2020
With electric car sales now rising and charging station infrastructure for the vehicles now rolling out, it seems that electric vehicles are finally s...
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Electric Car Charging Stations to Reach 200K by 2020
Hybrid cars have now become the norm on U.S. roads and car company Tesla is showing more established car companies exactly how to build a safe, profit...
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Tesla: $465 Million Palin-Criticized Loan Paid Off
In 2010, the U.S. Department of Energy issued a $465 million loan to Tesla Motors, the California-based electric car manufacturer founded in 2003. The...
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Nationwide Gas Prices [INFOGRAPHIC]
According to a study by financial firm Mint, gas prices are affecting household economies nationwide, and Americans are experiencing the financial str...
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Electric Car Pollution Worse Than Gas?
Conventional wisdom tells us that berthing car exhaust is bad. It further tells us that electric cars would cut down on emissions and thus be better f...
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