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Tag: Eggs

Anne Hathaway Is Pretty Particular About Her Eggs, Reportedly
Anne Hathaway wants a properly poached egg, and she wants it now. Or at least before it gets cold. The news rocking the web today comes from the Param...
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Plastic Easter Eggs: 3 Ways To Reuse Them
Have you attended the yearly Easter egg hunt in your community and are now finding yourself with baskets of plastic eggs and nothing to do with them? ...
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California Egg Law Is Met With Opposition
California has proposed a law set for 2015 that will regulate more stringent guidelines regarding the treatment of chickens. In order for farmers to q...
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$120 Egg Sandwich Offered at Sydney Restaurant
An egg sandwich would rank pretty low in an ordered list of expensive sandwiches. One restaurant, however, has found a way to raise the price of an eg...
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Chicken Lays Giant Egg That Contains Another Egg
Just in time for Easter, the locals in Guizhou, China have been dumbfounded to encounter a chicken that is repeatedly laying monster-sized eggs. The L...
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ESPN Throws Eggs At Megatron
ESPN uploaded a video to YouTube today in which star Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson (known to many as “Megatron”) tries to cat...
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