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Tag: domestic violence

Tech Resources to Empower Those Dealing With Domestic Violence
It is important to know the signs of domestic violence and connect such people with tech resources to protect themselves. ...
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St. Louis Woman Stabs Brother For Criticizing Nicki Minaj, Sentenced To Seven Years Jail Time
A woman who stabbed her brother to death after he allegedly criticized “Anaconda” hit maker Nicki Minaj is facing seven years imprisonment after h...
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Bristol Palin Shares News of Death in the Family
Bristol Palin, who recently shared the exciting news of the birth of her baby girl, also shared some sad news with her social media followers. Taking ...
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Jenelle Evans Arrested For A 15th Time After Assaulting Ex-Fiance
The law of averages dictates that you should get lucky after several tries. In Jenelle Evans case, she got a get out of jail free card. The Teen Mom 2...
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Christy Mack Getting New Tat to Block Out “Property of War Machine”
Christy Mack is getting that regrettable tattoo blocked out. You know, the one that says: “Property of War Machine.” Christy Mack and MMA ...
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Halle Berry Opens Up About Terrifying Domestic Violence
Halle Berry seems like a woman who isn’t afraid of much; in 2013 she helped get a bill passed that would ensure the safety of celebrities and th...
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Brooke Axtell With Katy Perry: Spoken-Word Piece On Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault at Grammys
Brooke Axtell joined Katy Perry at the Grammy Awards on Sunday. Katy Perry sang a song called ‘By the Grace of God’ from her most recent a...
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Katy Perry Gives Moving ‘By the Grace of God’ Performance Against Domestic Abuse at Grammys
Katy Perry made a powerful and moving statement against domestic abuse with her Grammys performance of her Prism ballad By the Grace of God Sunday. Th...
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Nordstrom Black Friday Shooting Victim Dies
A man walked into a Chicago Nordstrom department store during its Black Friday event, and shot his ex-girlfriend in the back of her head, before turni...
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Christy Mack Testifies as War Machine Laughs in Court
The story of Christy Mack and War Machine has dragged on since August. Last month, Christy Mack was supposed to get the chance to tell a judge in Las ...
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Christy Mack: War Machine Says Mack “Deserved This”
Ever since the news of Christy Mack’s alleged beating at the hands of Jon Koppenhaver, AKA War Machine, people have been divided into two camps: fan...
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Christy Mack Ready to Testify Tomorrow; But War Machine Looks for a Deal
Christy Mack is ready to face War Machine in court. But War Machine may be looking for time to cut a deal. The former porn star, who police say was br...
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Christy Mack Out of Surgery Today, Testifies Against War Machine Soon
Porn star and domestic abuse awareness champion Christy Mack still has a long road ahead of her. After her alleged beating at the hands of ex-boyfrien...
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Hope Solo Still Playing Soccer In Spite Of Domestic Violence Charges
A lot of athletes have been involved in domestic violence incidents lately and most of them had been fined and either banned from a set number of game...
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Christy Mack and Face Forward: Helping Domestic Violence Victims
Recently, domestic violence victim Christy Mack, who was allegedly beaten by an ex-boyfriend, tweeted out an update to her fans and supporters about h...
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Christy Mack: New Pic, New Info, New Video
Christy Mack, the pornstar who was allegedly beaten within an inch of her life by her ex-boyfriend, an MMA fighter who calls himself War Machine, has ...
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Hope Solo And The Media Spin Machine That Could
You know, as a long time association football fan and a woman, I can say that I actually knew who Hope Solo was prior to a couple of weeks ago. I also...
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Christy Mack Beating Case: A Safe-for-Work Rundown of the Porn Star’s Harrowing Tale
Perhaps you’ve seen the headlines about the porn star whose mixed martial arts boyfriend allegedly beat her within an inch of her life. Until the el...
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Chris Brown and Rihanna Together Again?
Chris Brown and Rihanna broke up back in 2009. Their highly publicized domestic assault case made national headlines for quite some time and their br...
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Evelyn Lozada Speaks Out About Ray Rice, Domestic Violence
Evelyn Lozada definitely isn’t a fan of Ray Rice. Like many other celebrities, the former Basketball Wives star made her sentiments quite clear ...
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