See The Japan Earthquake / Tsunami Damage Through Before & After Street View

Back in March, a devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused massive damage to a large part of eastern Japan. A few months later, Google announced that they would be driving their Street View cars around, taking photos of the damage.…

Tropical Storm Katia Tracks in Irene’s Footsteps, Finds Disaster Fatigue on Twitter

Hurricane season is far from over, but it seems as though people are already feeling the effects – I’m talking about disaster fatigue. A complicated concept, it involves any of the following symptoms: General apathy, specific apathy toward any discussion…

Mississippi Flood Photos from Google Maps Satellite Imagery

Google has put together a whole bunch of data and imagery from the Mississippi floods on Google Maps. On Google’s Lat Long Blog, Pete Giencke of the Google Crisis Response Team writes: Emerging as one of the worst flooding events…

Social Media Disasters: The Do’s and the Don’ts

There are numerous examples in which companies really messed up on social media. For instance, remember Apple’s Antennagate incident or BP’s response to the Gulf oil spill? Both of these incidents resulted in a negative outcry toward both companies on social media channels.

Google Steps In After San Bruno Explosion

Google often steps in when disaster strikes, helping people in Chile, China, Haiti, and Pakistan (among many other places) to date.  And now that fire’s claimed several lives and many homes in San Bruno, California, the company’s trying to render assistance again.

BusinessWire Offers Free Haiti-Related Press Release Distribution

Popular press release distribution site BusinessWire, which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, is offering its services for free to companies and organizations who are contributing to the aid of victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Such companies can push out free news releases with offers pertaining to supporting services, information, operations, and events directly related to rescue and recovery efforts.

Google Launches Relief Site To Help Haiti

Survivors of the earthquake in Haiti are going to receive help from Google in a big way.  On a new Support Disaster Relief site, Google’s released satellite imagery of the destruction to spread awareness, created a list of relevant charities to encourage donations, and promised to contribute $1 million of its own money, as well.