The Yahoo Directory Is Officially Dead

Back in September, Yahoo announced that it would shut down the Yahoo Directory, its oldest service, and the one that put the company on the map to begin with. In fact, the announcement for such a major product closure was…

After 20 Years, Yahoo Directory Gets The Axe

It is truly the end of an era. Yahoo officially announced that it’s killing off the Yahoo Directory. Okay, maybe that era technically ended a long time ago, but it’s really over now. Do you miss the days of the…

Here’s What The Guy Who Wrote The Book On Twitter Thinks About Its Directory And Embeddable Timelines Widget

Twitter has recently launched a user profile directory and an embeddable timelines widget. The two features are fairly unrelated, but since we had the opportunity to converse with Mark Schaefer, author of The Tao Of Twitter, we thought we’d pick…

SEOmoz Analyst: Google Will Be Cracking Down On Directories More

Earlier this month, there was some discussion about Google having de-indexed free web directories. Most of the ones we looked at had not actually been de-indexed, but were not ranking well, but there were clearly some that had been de-indexed.…

Google Seems To Be OK With Paid Inclusion These Days

We know from the countless instances of paid link penalties that Google doesn’t like it when you buy your way into organic search results, but Google has other financial transactions that influence some of its search results. Last month, Danny…

Some Free Directories Go Missing From Google, Some Paid Directories Doing Well

There some discussion going on in the webmaster/SEO community that Google may have de-indexed some free web directories. Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable points to a WebmasterWorld forum thread on the subject. The thread begins with a post from…

The Yellow Pages Launches Opt-Out Website

The Yellow Pages Association has introduced a new website that allows people to opt out of  receiving phone directories.

The new website,, allows people to select which phone directories they receive, or stop deliveries entirely.




Former Dmoz Editor: Corruption Was Caught Quickly

We ran a story recently asking if Dmoz will continue to have a place in search. We received (and still are receiving) a great deal of comments on the article, or rather on Dmoz in general. Words like "corruption" and "corrupt" were used numerous times in describing the editorial process behind the Open Directory Project.

A few samples of comments we received about this:

Will Dmoz Continue to Have a Place in Search?

Nearly a year ago, we looked at what Dmoz (aka: The Open Directory Project) was up to, and if it still had a place in search. The directory was talking about how it was looking for "a little respect" as it prepared to celebrate its 11th birthday (on June 5).