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Tag: Direct Messages

Twitter Launches Fleets, Disappearing Tweets
Twitter has officially rolled out its new disappearing tweets, called Fleets, to all users....
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Twitter Fixes Serious Vulnerability in Android Client
Twitter announced Friday that it has patched a serious vulnerability in the official Twitter client for Android. According to the announcement on the ...
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Slack Group Messages Are Now A Thing
As great of a communication tool Slack has proven to be for teams, one feature has been surprisingly absent until now – the ability to add more ...
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Twitter Really Wants You to Use It for Messaging
Twitter is taking steps to make itself a destination for messaging. Starting today, you will be able to receive notifications in your browser when you...
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Here’s Why Twitter Just Became A Lot Better For Customer Service
Twitter is rolling out a major feature that should help businesses better take care of customer service and engage with customers privately. It could ...
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Twitter DMs Can Now Be 10,000 Characters, So Ramble On
Twitter has officially dropped the 140-character limit … On Direct Messages. Now, you can ramble to your heart’s desire when sending priva...
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Twitter Is Dropping the 140-Character Limit On DMs!
I don’t often use exclamation points in the titles of articles (even when they’re about Yahoo), but this one felt warranted. Is there anyt...
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Twitter Brings Back ‘Anyone Can DM Me’ Feature
Twitter just announced the launch of a new feature that lets users accept direct messages from anyone, even if they’re not following the sender....
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Twitter Video Arrives (Along With Group Messages)
Back in November, Twitter said it had a bunch of new features on the way, including a new video experience, and some updates to Direct Messages. At th...
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Recently Launched Twitter DM Feature Was Just An Experiment (One That’s Now Over)
Last month, Twitter added a setting to users’ accounts that let them enable anybody to send them direct messages, even if they didn’t foll...
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With Public Offering Nearing, Twitter Looks To Go A Little More Private
Twitter is reportedly considering expanding its private messaging offerings. Earlier this week, the company started rolling out a new feature that let...
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Twitter Lets You Get DMs from Anybody, If You Want
On occasion, you need to communicate with someone on Twitter and you don’t want everyone to see it. That’s fair – maybe you’re...
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Twitter Experiments With News By Direct Message With Event Parrot Account
Twitter has been running a lot of experiments lately, and the latest one deals with helping users keep up with what’s happening in the world. It...
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