Digital Adoption Platform WalkMe Secures $90 Million in Funding

WalkMe has successfully closed another round of funding to the tune of $90 million, according to a company announcement. This round of investment was led by Vitruvian Partners, with Insight Partners also participating. WalkMe is a “digital adoption platform” (DAP)…

Business Prioritizing Digital Transformation For Competitive Advantage, Says Equinix CEO

“We’re seeing right now continued strength across our business because people are prioritizing digital transformation as a way to gain competitive advantage,” says Equinix CEO Charles Meyers. “The reality is people who are responding well to that are thriving and people that are not are being left behind.”

5G Dramatically Accelerates Industrial Digitization, Says Qualcomm CEO

The total amount of economic impact of 5G in 2035 is going to be $13.2 trillion, says Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf. This is really about all the features to make high reliable factories. There are special features that we have put into the standard which will come out in a second, third, and fourth-wave over the next decade.

Digital Transformation Is A Strategic Priority For Every Company, Says ServiceNow CEO

What’s happening is that digital transformation is a strategic priority for every company, says ServiceNow CEO John Donahoe. If you can’t compete digitally you can’t succeed. Companies are focusing on how can they deliver better experiences to their customers, better experiences for their employees, and drive real productivity growth.

VMware COO: We Have a Bigger Plan For Security

Fundamentally, we have a bigger plan for security, says VMware COO Sanjay Poonen. We felt it was the perfect time for us to come up with a disruptive play that was based on big data, was AI, and was cloud-based. There were only two companies doing it, CrowdStrike and Carbon Black.

Customers Accelerating Their Digital Transformation, Says HPE CEO

Customers continue to affirm the need to accelerate the digital transformation and take advantage of the explosion of data we see around us, says HPE CEO Antonio Neri. “This ultimately is the core aspect of how they derive an improved business outcome. Digital transformation starts with secure connectivity.

Huge Wave Of Digital Transformation, Says Salesforce CEO

“There’s a huge wave of digital transformation,” says Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block. “A lot of these different technologies are coming together. I have the opportunity and Mark has the opportunity to go around the world and talk to a lot of other CEOs. There’s just this huge imperative around digital transformation.

Rakuten Rolling Out Revolutionary 5G Mobile Network In Japan

As 5G rolls out consumers will understand the benefits. The key is an edge computing. There is a very low latency between your device and edge. It’s just a millisecond latency, so it’s almost like you have artificial intelligence. You hold your own artificial intelligence in your hand.

Our Machine Learning Platform Helps Brands Retain Their Customers, Says Medallia CEO

“We’re a platform that helps some of the biggest brands in the world really understand their customers in live time and communicate with them while they’re in an experience,” says Medallia CEO Leslie Stretch. This helps them retain their customer and perhaps sell them another experience. It’s this machine learning platform that does that.”

There Is No Aspect of Healthcare That Is Not Being Transformed Digitally, Says AMA Chief Experience Officer

“A lot of times it’s better to think about (digital transformation) in retrospect after you’ve gotten something done, but the digital platform is essential in helping you achieve your business objectives, and that’s really what it boils down to,” says AMA Chief Experience Officer Todd Unger.