2012 Was the Year of “Bluster,” Says Dictionary.com

In the past, we’ve let you know when words inspired by modern tech or internet culture become part of official dictionaries. No matter how you feel about the internet’s effect on language (it’s bastardization!), you have to admit that it’s…

Wouldn’t it Be Useful to Have Dictionary Functionality From Any App?

Dictionary.com has launched a new API Developer Center, which has some pretty interesting implicatons for mobile apps, given that words are pretty universal. Developers can integrate Dictionary.com content and features into their products and services. 

Dictionary.com Illustrates How Search is Becoming More Diversified

Ask’s Dictionary.com has reached the 10 million download milestone for its mobile apps in just over a year. Dictionary.com gets about 50 million unique visitors a month between its site and its mobile apps.

The company’s new iPad app already has over 100,000 downloads to date. I spoke with Dictionary.com President Shravan Goli who expressed a great deal of excitement about the iPad and tablet-style devices in general.