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Megalodon Shark Found in Battlefield 4 DLC
Before the launch of Battlefield 4 DICE and EA coined the term “Levolution.” The made-up word encompassed all of the interactive map eleme...
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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Has Weaponized Hovercraft
Hovercraft are inherently silly. It’s a boat that’s trying to be a land vehicle. They aren’t intimidating at all, but you can try to...
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DICE Is Dedicated To Fixing Battlefield 4, Won’t Work On DLC Until It Does
Were you one of the people who bought Battlefield 4 at launch only to find the game wasn’t exactly up to snuff? There have been countless compla...
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Battlefield 4: China Rising Gets A Launch Trailer
Battlefield 4 fans who decided to fork over an extra $50 for a year’s worth of downloadable content are finally being rewarded today with the re...
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‘Battlefield 4’ Out Today, Launch Trailer Previews Multiplayer
After months of previews and pushing the oddly-named “Levolution” feature, EA and DICE have finally released Battlefield 4. The game is ou...
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Single Player Story For Battlefield 4 Gets A Trailer, Too
Believe it or not, modern combat-based first-person shooters still have single player stories and gameplay options available. Well, at least these dev...
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Battlefield 4 Gets A Minute-Long TV Spot
Video game TV spots are rarely over 30 seconds long. Air time is super expensive after all. That doesn’t matter to EA though as it wants its lat...
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Check Out Some Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Footage From The Beta
The long wait is over Battlefield 4 fans – the closed beta for those who preordered the title began yesterday. Those who can navigate through th...
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Watch Some Battlefield 4 “Levolution” In Action
One of the more impressive aspects of Battlefield 4’s multiplayer is a new feature called “levolution.” It allows players to drastic...
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Battlefield 4 Open Beta Is Now Available For Preloading
The holiday shopping season is a time to shine for the video game industry, especially 2013. Because of the overwhelming hubbub generated by such thin...
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Battlefield 4 Will Have 10 Multiplayer Maps At Launch
Map variety is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any multiplayer shooter. Sure, gameplay still reigns supreme, but a limited selection of m...
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Battlefield 4 Might Support Kinect on Xbox One
On the Xbox 360, Microsoft encouraged developers to integrate Kinect into traditional games where it made little sense. Sure, the voice commands in Ma...
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Check Out Battlefield 4’s Multiplayer In New Trailer
Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts will go head-to-head later this year on next-gen consoles. At this point, I think we can all agree that Battlef...
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Celebrating Mirror’s Edge 2 With POV Parkour
So this is pretty awesome. What we have is a short film shot with a point-of-view camera, with the actor doing some pretty slick Parkour around the ci...
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Frostbite 3 Engine Brings Beautiful Destruction to Battlefield 4
At the recent Gamescom 2013, the folks at had a chance to sit down with the creative director for DICE, Lars Gustavsson to discuss some of t...
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Battlefield 4 Premium Announced, New Multiplayer Trailer Revealed
Last week, Activision revealed the long-anticipated multiplayer trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Today at Gamescom, EA countered by releasing even mo...
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New Battlefield 4 Teaser Shows Not All Gamers Are Teenage Boys
With the October 29th release date creeping ever closer, it’s time for EA and Dice to start their marketing push for Battlefield 4, and while th...
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Battlefield 4 to be Heavily Merchandised With Clothes, a Novel, and More
As publishers struggle with ever-growing budgets for what they hope will be blockbuster next-generation, many of them are looking for new revenue mode...
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Battlefield 4 Engine Preview Trailer Released
Back during E3, Activision and Infinity Ward were showing off Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ graphics, touting motion-captured dogs and a few new graphic...
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E3 2013: Star Wars Battlefront Is In Good Hands
It was revealed a few months ago that EA had secured the exclusive license to make Star Wars games on consoles going forward. The publisher said that ...
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