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5 Reasons to Finance Electronic Devices
There are many reasons that you'll want to finance electronic devices. See more in the article below....
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Amazon Fire TV: $99 Streaming Box Launches into Crowded Field
As expected, Amazon unveiled their long-awaited streaming device today in an event in New York. Contrary to the rumors, however, the device isn’...
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Apple Security Flaw Is “As Bad As You Could Imagine”
Apple is performing an emergency software fix this week to correct a security flaw putting both iPhone and Mac users at risk. After it was brought to ...
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Amazon’s Set-Top Box May Not Arrive by the Holidays
The oft-rumored Amazon set-top box has been delayed once again, according to a report from The Verge: Amazon has been been rushing to finalize and rel...
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Amazon’s Set-Top Box Reportedly Coming by Christmas
The fact that Amazon is developing its own set-top streaming device shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Not only does Amazon have its own co...
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The Samsung Apex Is Set to Blow the Competition Out of the Water
NSFW In consumer tech nowadays it’s all about one-upping the last guy – making a product that can do more, and do it better and faster. Th...
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Roku Hits 5 Million Players Sold, 8 Billion Streams
Roku has just announced a pretty significant milestone: 5 million players sold. Roku first launched in 2008, and the device was called “the Netf...
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Hulu Plus Now Available On More Devices
Starting today, you can access Hulu Plus on three more devices, which brings the total number of devices that offer Hulu’s streaming content to ...
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Newspapers and Magazines Come to Kobo eReader, iPhone and iPad Apps
Kobo announced that it is now offering newspapers and magazines for the Kobo Wireless eReader and its iPhone an...
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Amazon Selling Kindles Like Hotcakes, Shipping Early
Amazon has announced that more new generation Kindles were ordered in the first four weeks of ava...
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New Intel Dual-Core Atom Processor-Based Netbooks Arrive
Intel announced that 12 new netbooks based on its new mobile dual-core Atom proces...
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Market Research Firm Says Internet-Connected Devices Will Surpass 5 Billion This Month
IMS Research has shared some findings indicating that the number of Internet-connected devices is expected...
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IBM Looks Into Accessible Mobile Interfaces, Google Giving up on Wave?
IBM has partnered with the Industrial Design Centre at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay on ...
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Report: Android on 1 in 3 U.S. Smartphones Sold
The NPD Group has released a new smartphone report, finding that Motorola and HTC have driven Android to the lead ...
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RIM, AT&T Introduce BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry 6
Today, Research in Motion (RIM) and AT&T launched the BlackBerry Torch, the...
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Amazon’s New Kindles Already Sold Out
Update: The new Kindles are already sold out (temporarily obviously). On the ...
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iPhone Users Flock to JailbreakMe
Comex has launched a site called, that when visited from an iOS device, allows you to jailbrea...
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RIM Reportedly to Have iPad Competitor Ready Before Holidays
Everybody's scrambling to get their iPad competitors out. Most recently, we heard what Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer ...
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Logitech Launches Contest to Find Help Promoting Google TV Device
Logitech has started a contest to promote Google TV, the upcoming service for which Logitech is a lau...
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Android Seeing Massive Growth in the UK
It's no secret that Android usage is on the rise, but Guardian ...
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