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Google Demos Glass at Big City ‘Basecamps’
Google is currently jumping through hurdles, both legally and culturally, to promote Google Glass and try to make the wearable tech more accepted in a...
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PlayStation 4 Demo Kiosks Might Just Be Coming To A Store Near You
Does anybody ever play games at demo kiosks anymore? Anytime I walk into a GameStop, the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U demo kiosks just sit alone in a corne...
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Gran Turismo 6 Demo Out Today, Includes GT Academy Qualifier
Racing sim fans are set to have a big holiday, with both Microsoft and Sony having racing games as part of their next-gen console launch title line-up...
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God of War: Ascension Single Player Demo, Trailer Out Today
Back in January Sony released a teaser trailer for the single-player campaign in God of War: Ascension and announced that a demo for the campaign woul...
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Gears of War: Judgment Multiplayer Early Access Coming March 15
Epic Games this week announced that some players who pre-order Gears of War: Judgment will get three days of early access to the game’s new R...
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God of War: Ascension Comes With The Last of Us Demo Access
Though the announcement of PlayStation 4 launch titles is just around the corner, PlayStation 3 owners still have a lot to look forward to this year. ...
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Dead Space 3 Demo Coming in January
It’s natural for gamers to be worried about the Dead Space franchise. The first two games in the series introduced fans to a new Sci-Fi survival...
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God of War: Ascension Demo Bundled With Total Recall Blu-Ray in Europe
The Total Recall remake may have been one of the summer’s biggest flops, but Sony is now looking to pump the movie’s video sales with one ...
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Devil May Cry Demo Arrives November 20
Whatever your opinions on Dante’s new short-cropped hair, it’s clear from the screenshots and trailers that the new Devil May Cry (DmC) ce...
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Twisted Metal: David Jaffe Shows Off Greenlight Process
Twisted Metal, one of the PlayStation’s first original franchises, finally made its way to the PlayStation 3 in February. People have played the...
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