Gartner: ‘Responsible AI a Societal Concern’

Gartner has released its Predicts 2021 reports and the outlook for artificial intelligence (AI) includes some troubling growing pains.

Qualcomm Fighting Misinformation With Photo Validation Tool

Qualcomm is the latest company to tackle misinformation, announcing a tool designed to ensure the validity of photos and videos.

Microsoft Releases Tool to Combat Deepfakes

Microsoft has unveiled a new tool designed to help fight deepfakes in real-time.

Jigsaw Unveils Assembler Tool to Help Spot Deepfakes

Alphabet-owned company Jigsaw has unveiled a new tool called Assembler to help journalists spot doctored images and deepfakes, according to a blog post by CEO Jared Cohen. Deepfake images and videos are created using artificial intelligence, transposing one person’s likeness…

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai Supports AI Regulation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming the ‘next big thing’ in the technology industry, with ramifications that are only now being discovered. At least one Silicon Valley giant believes the development of AI needs to be further regulated. In an…

Reddit One-Ups Facebook With Its Deepfake Policy

On the heels of Facebook’s announcement it would ban AI-driven deepfakes, but not traditionally created shallow fakes, Reddit has announced a broader and more nuanced policy that demonstrates far more common sense. Facebook’s policy has already been criticized for not…

Facebook Bans ‘Deepfake’ Videos, But Not ‘Shallow Fakes’

The Guardian is reporting that Facebook has banned “deepfake” videos in preparation for the U.S. election. Deepfake videos use AI to manipulate a video to make it appear something is happening that’s really not. For example, a deepfake video may…