UK Police Claim LulzSec Arrest, LulzSec Says “You Got the Wrong Guy”

Not to self, when arresting somebody, make sure they are who you think they are before you go bragging about it. Just ask the Metropolitan Police, who are housed in the United Kingdom. After claiming they made an arrest of…

LulzSec’s Titanic Takeover Tuesday Takes Down Gaming Communites

Alliteration aside, Tuesday, June 14, proved to be a productive day for the hacktivist group of the moment, LulzSec. Granted, productive is a relative term here, but whatever your views are towards the mischievous hacker community, the group did get…

Anonymous Joins the Middle Eastern Fray

While the Egyptian Revolution is not being televised — not as long as President Murbarak is in power, anyway — it is certainly receiving extensive coverage on the Internet, with Twitter and Facebook being the primary resources. Now, thanks to some Denial of Service attacks aimed at Murbarak supporters, the Anonymous group has offered their support to the Egyptian protesters with the only way they know how:

Creating Internet chaos.