Google Voice Added to Google Takeout

Google has added Google Voice to its menu of services that it lets you remove your data from – otherwise known as Google Takeout. Google Takeout itself was announced in June as an extension of the Data Liberation Front, which…

Google Takeout: Get Data Out of Multiple Google Products

Google’s Data Liberation Front has announced the launch of Google Takeout, which it calls its “first revolutionary product”. Another way of putting it would be, a way to take your data out of more than one Google product at a…

Facebook Makes Three Big Announcements

Facebook made three major announcements today. These include: a way to download your Facebook info, a new dashboard for applications you use, and a new Groups feature. The theme each of these was presented under is that of giving users more control.

Download All Your Facebook Info in One File

Google Wave Around Until the End of the Year

Google recently announced that it would be shutting down Google Wave, at least as a standalone project. The company has now released an update on that note.