EU Court Deals Another Blow to Mass Phone Data Collection

The Court of Justice of the EU (ECJ) has ruled member states cannot indiscriminately retain mass phone data to prevent crime.

FTC May Target Google and Facebook’s Data and Algorithms

The Federal Trade Commission may target Google and Facebook’s data, and the algorithms they rely on, as part of a larger antitrust crackdown.

EU Regulators Investigating Google’s Data Practices

Reuters is reporting that European Union (EU) antitrust regulators are asking to look at documents detailing Google’s data collection practices. The EU has already levied hefty fines against Google in past cases, amounting to $8.8 billion in the last two…

Uber: We Don’t Collect Background Location Data, But We Might at Some Point

On July 15, Uber is putting a new privacy statement into effect, and part of it is raising some eyebrows. A few paragraphs down in the new policy, under the heading “Collection of Information”, you’ll find this: Location Information: When…

People Aren’t That Concerned About Government Surveillance, Even Post Snowden

Pew has just published a new report on Americans and how they protect their privacy in the post-Edward Snowden era. Long story short – most don’t do much of anything to even attempt to keep out the prying government eyes.…

The NSA Can Use Incidental Data Under Certain Conditions

One of the scariest parts about the NSA’s spying program is its collection of incidental data – information that may or may not be about American citizens that just so happens to be picked up with information on non-U.S. targets.…

Consumer Watchdog Says We Are Google’s Product

California’s Consumer Watchdog met with the city’s Assembly’s Transportation Committee today, to discuss opposition to SB 1298, Google driverless car legislation. They say, strong privacy for those who use the highways is a must if Google’s Driverless car legislation is…

What Will the FTC’s Privacy Framework Do?

When the Federal Trade Commission released its final report on privacy last week, it made several recommendations for the future of privacy. Thus far, it has received both praise and criticism for the framework it laid out.

National Taxpayers Union Says Americans Oppose Search Engine Regulation

The debate surrounding search engines and regulation only seems to be increasing with recent developments. Various privacy and consumer groups have encouraged the government to intervene claiming that consumers need to be protected. Although some investigations are pending, the feds have not stepped in with any action yet.

Could Obama’s Privacy Plan Threaten the Internet?

The ongoing debate over online privacy is in the spotlight once again. However, this time, it’s the White House that’s at the center of the controversy. Last week, the Obama Administration announced a privacy plan that would give consumers more…