FBI: Cybercriminals ‘Targeting the Food and Agriculture Sector’

The FBI is warning that cybercriminals are targeting the US food and agriculture sector with ransomware attacks.

Accenture: Cybercriminals Becoming More Brazen

The biggest takeaway from our research is that organizations should expect cybercriminals to become more brazen as the potential opportunities and pay-outs from these campaigns climb to the stratosphere.

FBI Seizes Site With 12 Billion Stolen User Names & Passwords

In an international operation, the FBI has seized a website containing user data from over 10,000 data breaches, according to Engadget. According to the report, the FBI seized WeLeakInfo, a website that contained personal data taken from 10,300 data breaches.…

PSA: Cybercriminals Preying On Nest Users With ‘Sextortion’ Scheme

Following reports of connected security cameras, such as Ring and Nest, being targeted by hackers, scammers are preying on people’s fears with a “sextortion” scheme, according to CNBC. The scam relies on “social engineering,” or the ability to convince an…

The Latest Tool For Cybercriminals: Google Analytics

According to cloud security firm Akamai, cybercriminals are using Google Analytics to gauge the success of their phishing campaigns. The report highlights that just over 56.1% of all websites are using some form of analytics, with Google the leading analytics…

Zeus Trojan Arrests Show Cybercriminals Getting More Vulnerable

Federal and state authorities have reportedly charged over 60 people in connection with a global cybercrime scheme using the Zeus Trojan to steal millions of dollars from U.S. bank accounts. Trusteer, a secure browsing service, which claims to be in use by over 12 million online banking customers and protects over 70 banks, shared some commentary on the news with WebProNews. The company says it has deep visibility into criminal activity and the Zeus trojan.