Iran Linked To Cyberattack on BBC

Iran’s government has gone to some considerable lengths lately to muzzle the internet within the country’s borders. Not content with only blocking Google sites and encrypted search merely once in February, the government blocked SSL connections as well as many…

FBI Director Talks Cyber Attacks

Terrorism is obviously still the most dangerous threat facing the United States. Cyber attacks and cyber terrorism may one day become the most dangerous threat, however, according to the FBI. The director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, recently spoke at…

10 Years after 9/11, Cyber Attacks Are Big Threat

As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 draws closer, security experts are warning that cyber attacks could be biggest area of threat. This news, however, should not come as a major shock, since attacks have been the rise recently and have even managed to reach organizations such as Citibank and the Pentagon.

McAfee Defends Its Position on Operation Shady RAT

Earlier this month, tech security firm McAfee issued a report, in which it revealed an attack that has been compromising organizations since 2006. The report is called Operation Shady RAT and is said to have infected at least 72 organizations across 14 different countries.

Lockheed Martin Hacked, Pentagon to Consider Cyber Attacks Acts of War

Defense contractor Lockheed Martin was recently hit with a cyber attack, but is downplaying the notion of any major threat, as is the U.S. Department of Defense. While little has been revealed in the way of details surrounding the attack,…

Google Partners with NSA on Cyber Attack Analysis

Update 4: Google has reportedly now teamed up with the National Security Agency to analyze the attack and try to better defend against such attacks in the future.

China Responds to Google Situation

Update:  Chinese government officials have responded to Google’s proposed actions. As reported by Bloomberg: