All Apple, All The Time

Clearly, it’s Steve Jobs’ world and we all are just living in his touch-screen-based, iTunes-driven, Cult-of-Mac world. Whether it’s the Chinese are fighting over the iPad 2, or people leaving their laptops and home computers aside in favor of tablet…

Google Algorithm Update Casualties Speak

Last week, Google launched a major update to its algorithm, which was positioned as one that would go after content farms. While some sites that are often attached to that label were in fact hurt by the update, some other sites that aren’t generally considered content farms became casualties as well. 

Google Algorithm Update to Get “New Layer” to Help “Falsely Caught” Sites

As we discussed in another article, Google’s recent algorithm update aimed at content farms had some apparently unintended casualties. One of these was the Apple news blog Cult of Mac. Publisher Leander Kahney wrote a scathing post about the update, clearly furious over Google knocking their search rankings (and traffic) down as if they were a content farm.