Coronavirus: Facebook Ad Revenue Likely to Suffer

Analysts are warning that Facebook’s ad revenue business may be impacted as a result of the spread of the coronavirus.

Apple and Google Limiting Coronavirus Applications

Apple and Google are doing their part to combat misinformation and profiteering from the coronavirus, by limiting apps to those from reputable sources.

Coronavirus: Santa Clara’s New Guidelines May Impact WWDC

Santa Clara’s Public Health Department has issued a press release urging companies to cancel or postpone mass gathers.

Coronavirus: Apple, Netflix and Others Pull Out of SXSW Conference

Apple and Netflix are among the latest companies to pull out of the South by Southwest Conference scheduled for March 13 in Austin, Texas.

Coronavirus: Apple Stores May Run Low On Replacement iPhones

Apple is warning its store personnel that supplies of some replacement iPhones are running short, and extra measures may be required to assist customers.

Coronavirus: Microsoft Encourages Employees to Telecommute

Microsoft is joining the ranks of companies urging its employees to work from home in an effort to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Google Cloud Next Reimagined As Digital Conference

Google has announced it is cancelling its biggest conference of the year over concerns about the spread of the coronavirus.

Foxconn Expects to Reach Full Production by End of March

Foxconn is informing investors that it plans to “reach full seasonal capacity by the end of March.”

Twitter Encourages Telecommuting Due to Coronavirus

Twitter is encouraging employees worldwide to work from home, if at all possible, in an effort to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Google Employee Diagnosed With Coronavirus

Despite limiting travel, an employee at Google’s Switzerland offices has been diagnosed with the coronavirus.