Coronavirus: Discord Ups Go Live Limit to 50 People

Discord announced it is temporarily increasing the number of people who can view a live stream to 50 as a result of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: AT&T and Comcast Do Their Part to Help Telecommuters

AT&T and Comcast have both adjusted their home internet packages in an effort to assist Americans who will be telecommuting as a result of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Shopify Giving Employees $1,000 to Help Work From Home

It’s a good time to work for Shopify, as the company is giving employees $1,000 to help them make the transition to working from home.

Coronavirus: Trump Administration Bans Travel, Cargo From Europe

President Trump addressed the nation Wednesday evening, walking back comments he has previously made and unveiling sweeping measures to address the coronavirus threat.

Coronavirus: IDC Forecasts IT Spending Will Take a Hit

International Data Corporation (IDC) is projecting the coronavirus outbreak will have a significant impact on IT spending during 2020.

Coronavirus: Google Tells All North American Employees to Telecommute

Just days after encouraging all Washington State employees to work from home, Google is telling all of its North American employees to do the same.

Coronavirus: MIT Cancels Classes, Goes Online

MIT has informed students that classes will be cancelled the week of March 16, and all classes will transition online once spring break is over.

Coronavirus “Social Distancing” Feeds Digital Transformation Movement

“When I think out over the next two or three years, and even the next few months with coronavirus, it feeds into this whole digital transformation movement,” says Splunk CEO Doug Merritt.

Coronavirus: Apple and Amazon Latest to Recommend Telecommuting

Apple and Amazon are among the latest companies to recommend their employees work from home due to the growing threat of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: SXSW Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

After multiple companies pulled out of the event, SXSW has officially been cancelled by the City of Austin.