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Tag: Consumer Reports

Ford’s BlueCruise Beats Tesla’s Autopilot—By a Wide Margin
Consumer Reports has ranked the top automated driving systems, and Ford has come out on top, beating Tesla by a wide margin....
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Ford Mustang Mach-E Topples Tesla Model 3 in Consumer Reports Ranking
Tesla has been knocked off its throne, with Consumer Reports (CR) now recommending the Ford Mustang Mach-E as its top electric vehicle (EV)....
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Mozilla VPN Gets Major Privacy Upgrades
Mozilla has updated its VPN service, providing significant privacy improvements over past versions....
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Elon Musk: Tesla’s Full Self-Driving ‘Actually Not Great’
Elon Musk has admitted that Tesla’s current Full Self-Driving (FSD) software leaves much to be desired, and offered an explanation why....
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Senators Calling for FTC Investigation Into Tesla’s Self-Driving Claims
Senators Edward J. Markey and Richard Blumenthal have called on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate Tesla’s marketing claims....
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Consumer Reports: Tesla Autopilot ‘Easily Tricked’ Into Operating Without Driver
Consumer Reports (CR) has tested Tesla’s Autopilot software and it’s not good news for the electric vehicle company....
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Consumer Reports: Tesla’s In-Vehicle Cameras a Privacy Concern
Consumer Reports has raised concerns about Tesla’s in-vehicle cameras, saying they represent a privacy concern....
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Consumer Reports: GM’s Super Cruise Takes Top Spot, Tesla Autopilot ‘Distant Second’
Consumer Reports has ranked 17 active driver assistance programs, and GM’s Super Cruise has taken the top spot....
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New Law Will Limit Cable TV Fees, Address Local Blackouts
According to Consumer Reports, the House and Senate have passed a bill that would limit how cable companies charge hidden fees and phantom rentals to ...
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Best TV Deals for Shoppers on Black Friday
The best TV deals for Black Friday, according to Consumer Reports, include 40 to 55-inch models. Black Friday has long been a huge day for electronics...
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Small Appliances Crucial For Dorm Room Success
It’s early August and in many areas of the country college campuses are clogged with moving vans and smaller vehicles, professors are returning from...
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Portable Air Conditioners Slightly Better Than Fans
With summer temperatures rising, one might consider buying a portable air conditioning unit, to avoid the hassle of installing a window unit. Portable...
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Best Lawn Mowers: Consumer Reports Finds The Answer
Consumer Reports has tested over one hundred products to find the best lawn mower. Their answer? It depends on your lawn, but you can’t go wrong...
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Best In-Ear Headphones Chosen By Consumer Reports
Deciding what the best in-ear headphones are is a contentious topic. After all, sound quality and comfort is largely subjective for a lot of people. T...
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Smartphone Theft is Still on the Rise
For smartphone owners (and iPhone owners in particular) the risk of theft is always present. Millions of smartphones are stolen every year and most of...
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Best Paper Towels Ranked by Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports, the monthly magazine that’s been published by Consumers Union since 1936, has reviewed and compared 18 different paper towel b...
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Best Cars of 2014: Consumer Reports List
One of the esteemed authorities of reviews, Consumer Reports, has recently released their best car list of 2014. The company uses excellence in three ...
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Tesla Model S Tops Consumer Reports’ 2014 Car Picks
Last year Consumer Reports reviewed the Tesla Model S, giving it a 99 out of 100 – the best score the publication has ever given a vehicle. That...
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Consumer Reports Warns of Carcinogens in Soda
While cities such as New York continue to debate the dangers of excessive sugar in soft drinks, another potentially hazardous aspect of soda is now co...
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Toyota Prius Ranked “Best New Car Value” Again
Thinking about buying a new car this holiday season? According to Consumer Reports, the Toyota Prius will give you the best value for your buck. In fa...
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