Google Cloud Partners With Coinbase to Enable Crypto Payments and Web3 Innovation

Google Cloud will soon let customers pay with crypto thanks to a new partnership with Coinbase.

Coinbase Notifications Were AWOL During Crypto Crash

Coinbase notifications were noticeably AWOL during the crypto crash, just when users needed them most.

Coinbase Lets International Users Earn Interest on Crypto

Coinbase has announced that it will let international users earn interest on their crypto holdings.

Larry Ellison Touts Oracle Cloud’s Reliability in Wake of AWS Outage

Larry Ellison isn’t passing up an opportunity to take a swipe at AWS, sharing a note from a telecommunications customer touting Oracle Cloud’s reliability.

AWS Issue Causing Major Outages

An issue with AWS is impacting a large swath of the internet, with multiple companies experiencing issues.

Coinbase Wants a Dedicated Federal Regulator for Crypto

Coinbase is calling on the US government to establish a new regulator for the crypto and digital assets market.

Coinbase Now Supports Paycheck Deposit to Coinbase Accounts

Coinbase is making it easier to fund accounts, allowing users to deposit part of their paycheck directly into their accounts.

Coinbase Abandons Lend Feature Amid SEC Pressure

Coinbase has abandoned its plans for its Lend service after a high-profile scuffle with the SEC.

Coinbase Getting Into ‘Ill-Advised’ War With SEC

Coinbase is calling out the SEC for what it believes is “sketchy” behavior, but TheStreet’s Jim Cramer is not a fan of its strategy.

Coinbase Approves Massive Crypto Investments

Coinbase has announced it will purchase $500M of crypto, and invest 10% of all future profits in crypto.

Bitcoin Rallies to Highest Price Since May

Following months of losses, Bitcoin has rallied to its highest point since May.

Coinbase Closing San Francisco Office, Going 100% Decentralized

Coinbase has announced it is closing its San Francisco office, the company’s former headquarters, in an effort to be fully decentralized.

Coinbase Has Good Opening Day, Closes 31% Above Reference

On its opening day, Coinbase soared above its initial reference price of $250 a share, hitting as high as $429.54 before settling down.

Coinbase Warns of the Risk Bitcoin’s Founder Poses On Eve of IPO

As Coinbase prepares to go public, it is warning of the risk Bitcoin’s founder(s) pose to the cryptocurrency market in general, and Coinbase in particular.