Tech Giants Form Modern Computing Alliance to Transform Cloud

Some of the biggest names in tech have formed the Modern Computing Alliance, with the goal of transforming the cloud and its tools.

Ransomware Results In a Fatality In Germany

Ransomware has been a growing issue for years but, in a first, ransomware appears to have caused the death of a hospital patient.

Google And Citrix Partner On Receiver For Chrome

Citrix and Google have been partners for the past three years, but announced a new partnership in the form of a receiver for Chrome and advanced features for Chromebook users. Citrix Receiver is client software that gives users access to…

Citrix’s Bytemobile Acquisitions Lands Mobile Carriers as Customers

As we reported earlier, Citrix, a cloud-based specialist, has announced their intention to acquire Bytemobile, a video and mobile data solutions provider. The deal will give Citrix a direct line to over 130 mobile carriers in 60 countries around the…

Citrix Enters Mobile & Video Market with Bytemobile

Cloud business specialist, Citrix has entered into a definitive deal to acquire mobile solutions provider, Bytemobile. The deal will expand Citrix reach by granting them access to 130 mobile operators in 60 countries worldwide. Furthermore, the partnership allows the companies…