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Tag: Circles

Facebook is Encouraging Users to Fill Out Their “Lists”
It seems that Facebook wants users to use its “smart lists” feature a little more. Inside Facebook is reporting that some Facebook users a...
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Google Voice Gets Circles a la Plus
For those who use Google Voice, the telephony product from Google Labs, the announcement today that Voice is getting Circles must have been welcome ne...
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Authorship in Google Results to Include Comments, Expanded Circles Features
Google continues to make changes to the authorship element it displays in search results. Yesterday, we reported on Google now letting you set it up b...
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Google Shows Circle Counts for People In Search Results
Lately, Google has been placing a lot of emphasis on the importance of who you are on the web. That’s why they want you to use your real name on...
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Google Needs To Drop the Limits on Circles
You can only have 5,000 people in your circles on Google+. You can also only add about 1,000 in a certain amount of time before getting an error messa...
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Smarter Google+ Circles on the way?
The competition between Google+ and Facebook continues to heat up. Facebook has made moves recently that make its sharing and friends lists a little m...
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Google Adds Circle Sharing to Google+
Google is now letting Google+ users share their Circles. Google’s Owen Prater made the announcement in a Google+ update. You can click on a circ...
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Google Buys Fridge, More Circle Capabilities Coming?
Fridge is a company that, until today, developed technology that made creating a group and sharing within it much, much easier. Now, they belong, or, ...
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Google+ Humor: A Collection of Images is a great place for web content, truth be told. One such area that especially rings true is for Google+. Whether its making fun of the upc...
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Microsoftie: I Had the Idea for Google+ Circles 3 Years Ago
Bob Caswell is a product manager at Microsoft, who works on digital content for Microsoft Learning. He posted some interesting comments on Google+ tod...
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Google Blocking Book By Circles Concept Creator Who Now Works at Facebook?
Paul Adams, the Facebook guy who pointed out the dominance of Google+ by males in a Google+ post the other day, has a very interesting post on his per...
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