Easter Bunny Pictures Draw Nice Seasonal Traffic for Cheezburger Network

Traffic to Sketchy Bunnies is up 44% this week, a spokesperson for the Cheezburger Network tells WebProNews. That’s the site the company had just launched when we spoke with founder and CEO Ben Huh at SXSW last month. “It’s based…

Cheezburger Network Acquires “Know Your Meme”

I CAN HAZ MOAR INTERNETS? Okay, that was fun.  But if you think there is no money to be found in aggregating all that is trending on the internet, you would be wrong.  Today, knowyourmeme.com was acquired by Cheezburger Network…

Easter Bunny Pictures and More Ways to Use Venture Capital

At SXSW in Austin, WebProNews spoke with Ben Huh, Founder and CEO of the Cheezburger Network about some upcoming projects from the company, and a new site they launched aimed at capturing the darker part of Easter. It’s called Sketchy…

Cheezburger Network Offers to Buy Reddit

Ben Huh, who runs the Cheezburger Network, has offered to buy Reddit. This comes after Condé Nast, which owns Reddit, rejected Prop 19 ads on the site (Facebook also rejected them).

Yesterday, Reddit posted the following message:

Ben Huh Talks Building a Business Founded on Lolcats

Do you think lolcats are silly? You may be right, but that doesn’t mean they can’t provide important business lessons (if you can get lessons from Justin Bieber, why not lolcats?).