Dutch Court Orders Shell to Slash Carbon Dioxide Emissions

In a groundbreaking court ruling, a Dutch court has ordered Royal Dutch Shell to slash emissions far more than it was planning.

BP Pivots to Renewables, Slashes Oil Exploration

BP has reduced its oil exploration to 100 members, down from 700, as it focuses on renewable energy.

BP Oil Rig Explosion Headed To Big Screen

J.C. Chandor, the director behind the Robert Redford sea epic All Is Lost, is reportedly in talks to direct the movie Deepwater Horizon. The drama’s title is taken from the name of the BP oil rig that exploded in 2010.…

First FAA-Approved Commercial Drone Flight Over Land Will Survey BP Pipelines in Alaska

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued the first-ever waiver for an over-land drone flight, and it went to BP and UAS manufacturer AeroVironment. The first drone to perform routine commercial services over land will be AeroVironment’s Puma AE – a…

BP Recalls Gas After Motorists Rack up Huge Repair Bills

BP this week issued a recall on a 50,000 barrel batch of gasoline shipped to Northwestern Indiana fuel distributors. The recall covers all unleaded regular gas shipped from the Whiting, Indiana fuel storage terminal between August 13 – 17. In…

The Approval Rating of BP and Obama, By Way of Twitter

This week BP successfully recapped its ruptured oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. Test results are favorable and show that oil and gas are, for the time being, confined. This news inspires cautious optimism in the hearts of residents and spectators alike. Online, however, the social effect continues to flow across social networks and social graphs, echoing anger, hope, and the demand for resolution and prevention from BP and the Obama administration.

Ask BP Oil Spill Questions Via YouTube at 3:30 Eastern

YouTube has partnered with PBS NewsHour on an interview with Bob Dudley, President and CEO of BP’s Gulf Coast Restoration Organization. This is a chance for people and organizations to ask questions related to the oil spill and get responses from BP.