Samsung Acquires Boxee For $30 Million [Report]

Boxee is just one of many players that are trying to hasten along the cord cutting trend by bringing media streaming to the living room. After a few years of operating as an independent company, Boxee has reportedly been bought…

Boxee’s Spotify App Gets A Major Update

Boxee has announced a major update to the Spotify app on their all-in-one streaming media box. The new app brings quite a few new features that users have been requesting including search, an updated inbox, and improved shuffle functionality. The…

Apple TV, Google TV, Boxee, Roku: Which Is Best For Consumers?

FixYa, a site that specializes in troubleshooting advice for consumer gadgets of all kinds – computers, smartphones, tablets, and more – has recently compiled a report comparing the four leading web TV devices based on the number and kind of…

Want To Cancel Your Cable In Favor Of The Web? How Cable Companies Aim To Stop You

The FCC has a fight on its hands between cable companies and Internet streaming set-top box companies such as Boxee. The cable companies are pushing the FCC to make a change to current regulation in order to allow them to encrypt basic cable programming.

FCC Proposes New Rule That Could Hurt Boxee Sales

The FCC is proposing a rule change that could alter how Americans watch television forever. That might be pushing it a little too much, but the FCC is proposing a change to a provision in the Cable Television Protection and…

CES 2012: Boxee Gets A Facebook App

At CES today Boxee announced the launch of a new Facebook app that will allow users to post their viewing choices to their Facebook Timeline. After two minutes of viewing, Boxee publishes what you’re watching to Facebook, where it shows…

Boxee for iPad Released

Boxee announced today that it has released its long-awaited iPad app. The app comes with the Boxee Media Manager, which allows it to stream videos from your PC to the iPad, as well as a “Watch Later” bookmarklet and firmware…

Google, Facebook and Boxee Respond to Apple

Update 2: Swisher reports that Facebook blocked API access to Ping after failing to strike an agreement with Apple, so Apple removed the feature after launch. She credits "sources familiar with Facebook’s platform" with this information. 

Boxee Gets a Whole Lot of Indie Films

Boxee announced today that it is adding the foundations of a movie library to go along with its existing TV show library. Boxee is tapping EZTakes, Indie Movies Online, MUBI and Openfilm to add thousands of movies to its offerings.

Most of the movies in the library will be free and ad-supported, Boxee says.

New Boxee Beta Resolves Over 500 Issues

Update: Boxee has just announced it has released an updated version of the Boxee Beta, after making over 500 adjustments to it. On the Boxee Blog, Avner Ronen writes:

Since releasing the Beta we have seen significant uptake in usage. Some stats:

Boxee Beta Makes its Appearance to the Public

The much-anticipated Boxee Beta has now officially come out. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu.