BlogWorld & New Media Expo Gets A New (Yet Familiar) Name

BlogWorld & New Media Expo co-founders Rick Calvert and Dave Cynkin announced that they’re renaming the popular conference series to just New Media Expo, or NMX. Calvert said, “When we started BlogWorld in 2006 the new media industry hadn’t really…

BlogWorld & New Media Expo Buys Travel Blog Exchange

BlogWorld & New Media Expo announced that it purchased another blogging event series: TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange), which BlogWorld says is the world’s largest travel blogger event. BlogWorld will take over production and operations of the event, though TBEX’s founder…

Design Is Still An Important Aspect of Blogging

Yes, a blog is only successful as its content, but if your platform looks like a joke, it really won’t matter how good the content your presenting is. In other words, design is still, and will always be, an important…

The FTC Endorsement Guidelines a Year Later

As you may recall, about a year ago, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) set some guidelines into motion, concerning endorsements and testimonials. The main point of these guidelines was to ensure full disclosure when people lending endorsements and testimonials receive any kind of compensation from the marketer or advertiser. 

The Need for a Flexible Employee Social Media Policy
More WebProNews Videos How strict are you when it comes to employee social media use? Have you taken the time to develop a social media policy? Guidelines for staff to follow?  Deb Schultz, a partner with the Altimeter Group shared…
Know HOW You Want to Monetize Your Blog
More WebProNews Videos Blogging may seem like it's designed for making easy money, but the truth is, it's not that easy at all. It requires time and focus, and it takes the right combination and approach to successfully bring in…
How Bloggers Can Find Journalistic Credibility
More WebProNews Videos What is the difference between a blogger and a journalist? Is the guy labeled a journalist automatically more credible because of that label? How can a blogger attain that kind of credibility?  WebProNews recently sat down with…
Stop Thinking About Social Media as a Separate Marketing Channel
More WebProNews Videos For those who are finding the greatest success in social media marketing, social media is just instinctually part of the mix. It's not an afterthought, and it's not a completely separate undertaking. It's just part of how…
Ads Aren’t the Only Way to Make Money Blogging
More WebProNews Videos "'Free is not a business model'. That was one of the seven "harsh realities" discussed in a recent keynote from CopyBlogger's Brian Clark, ProBlogger's Darren Rowse and Remarkable Communication's Sonia Simone. This was an hour-long discussion about…
Recipe for a Blog That Doesn’t Suck
More WebProNews Videos There are plenty of opinions out there about what makes a blog good and what it takes to have a successful one. At the recent BlogWorld & New Media Expo, that was obviously a consistent theme. WebProNews…
Social Media and Blogging: The Common Sense Approach
More WebProNews Videos Businesses face a lot of pressure when trying to craft their blogging and social media strategies. There are so many tools and approaches that it can be quite overwhelming. While keeping up with the latest trends and…
Army Chief of Strategic Communications Talks Soldier Social Media Limitations

More WebProNews Videos How much information is too much for a soldier in the United States Army to divulge through blogging and social media? Anything that puts other soldiers’ lives at risk. According to the Army’s Chief of Strategic Communications,…

Turning Your Blog Into a Book

WebProNews recently spoke with Ellen Gerstein, the Director of Marketing at John Wiley & Sons, the publishing firm behind the "For Dummies" books among many others. She discussed the impact blogs and social media have had on the publishing industry and gave some advice for bloggers looking to get books published.

New Media is Like Ostrich Meat. Eventually, Your Kids Will Grow Up Eating It.

WebProNews recently spoke with popular radio and podcast personality Adam Carolla. After being fired from his radio show, he started a podcast and after just two weeks, it reached 2.4 million downloads. Some people consider him a pioneer in podcasting, but he doesn’t seem to really think of it that way. "I was doing a radio show, and then they fired me," he says.

Your Social Strategy May Lack Key Elements for Increasing Conversions

As a business, it’s great to get out there and engage with customers. It’s great to use a variety of social media channels to open up communication and spread your marketing message, but what a lot of business decision makers might not realize is that it can be the combination of tactics that work much better than any one strategy.

LiveStrong CEO on Fighting Cancer with Social Media, Origin of the Wristband

WebProNews recently spoke with Doug Ulman, President and CEO of Livestrong, the nonprofit behind the famous yellow wristband and a huge cancer-fighting movement.

Keep Learning & Get Help From Friends to Improve Your Social Strategy

One of the many challenges of corporate social media is that it never stops evolving. New tools, applications, features, and strategies emerge just about every day. It can be tough keep up. That’s why constantly learning has to be part of the strategy as a whole.

Thinking of Check-Ins As Searches That Aren’t Going to Google

Businesses are still struggling with finding the right social media strategies, let alone strategies for check-in apps like Foursquare, Gowalla, and the recently launched Facebook Places. WebProNews spoke with Lawrence Coburn, CEO of geolocation app provider DoubleDutch about where this industry is headed and what it means for businesses looking to take advantage.

New Media: It’s Just People.

Now that I’ve had time to regroup (a little bit anyway) after a long day of travel, I’d like to reflect a bit on the BlogWorld & New Media Expo that wrapped up over the weekend. If there was one thing to take away from the event, it is that creating good content and engaging with people are the ways to go if you want to succeed in blogging and new media. 

Social Media: Power to the People?

The keynote at BlogWorld this morning was an interesting one, looking at how new media has changed the landscape of politics. Mark Penn, former Chief Messaging Architect for President Clinton and Karen Hughes, former Chief Messaging Architect for President Bush discussed the power blogs and social media have had on shifting elections and public perception.