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Tag: bird flu

Westboro Baptist Flooded with Prank Calls Over Bird Flu Scare
Westboro Baptist Church — the hate group that pickets at funerals of soldiers, children — recently got the bird from a spoof website. As a result,...
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A High Chance Of Pandemic From H7N9 Bird Flu
A scientist with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science is concerned about a bird flu pandemic. Hualan Chen rushes to work everyday to check the ...
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Bird Flu Spikes in China as 23 More Cases Reported
This past week, 23 people in China have been infected with the H7N9 strain of bird flu, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday, in additio...
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H5N1 Victim’s Family Members Speak Out
North America’s first bird flu related death happened in Canada on January 3, 2014. Details about the victim are still a little sketchy, but her...
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H5N1 – Bird Flu Is Here In North America
The first reported case of H5N1, the Bird or Avian flu, has touched down in North America, Canada to be exact. Canadian health officials have confirme...
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H5N1 Bird Flu Found In Canada – Victim From Bejing
The H5N1 Bird Flu had found its way to North America and the first fatal case of the flu was confirmed in Canada. According to Canadian health officia...
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New Bird Flu Strain Claims Human Life
The new H10N8 strain of the bird flu, which had previously not been known to infect humans, has been confirmed as the cause of death of a 73 year old ...
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New Bird Flu Infects First Human
Zoonosis occurs when a disease or sickness in a non-human animal is transmitted to a human being. Approximately 61% of 1415 pathogenic infections to h...
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Ducks Invade New York CVS Pharmacy
Wayward ducks descended upon a Saratoga Springs, New York CVS Pharmacy branch last week, only to be subdued with a Swiffer mop and a bag of popcorn. I...
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Rat-Meat Ring Busted, Almost 1,000 People Arrested
Rat meat is passing for mutton in China these days. Police have discovered a ring of criminals who were using spices to flavor rat, mink, and fox meat...
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Scientists Engineer Deadly Bird Flu (H5N1), Say It Could Cause a Global Pandemic
The results of a controversial scientific study was published yesterday outlining the dangers of a potential H5N1 outbreak. The virus in its current f...
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