DuckDuckGo Grew by 46% in 2021, Averaging 100 Million Daily Searches

DuckDuckGo is making major headway in the search market, growing by 46% in 2021 and averaging more than 100 million daily searches.

Bing Adds Local Store Search

Microsoft Bing has added a major new feature, making it possible for users to search local stores.

Microsoft and Shopify to Display Listings in Microsoft’s Products

Microsoft and Shopify are partnering to display merchant listings in Bing, as well as Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Start.

Microsoft Bing Not Showing Image Results for Tiananmen ‘Tank Man’

Microsoft is facing accusations of censorship as users the world over are unable to bring up pictures of the Tiananmen “tank man.”

Microsoft Bing’s Content Submission API Now in Public Beta

Microsoft has moved its Bing Content Submission API into beta, after two years of private beta.

Microsoft Bing Eyes Opportunity As Google Threatens Australian Exit

As Google threatens to pull its search engine from the Australian market, Microsoft sees an opportunity, even meeting with the Australian PM.

DuckDuckGo Adds Apple-Powered Driving and Walking Directions

DuckDuckGo has announced new mapping features with driving and walking directions, powered by Apple Maps.

DuckDuckGo Experiences Major Growth

DuckDuckGo, the privacy-first search engine, is experiencing record growth as customers become more concerned about protecting their privacy.

Is Apple Working On Its Own Search Engine?

Reports indicate Apple may be working on its own search engine, a move that would have far-reaching repercussions.

Bing Webmaster Tools Provides Backlink Data On Similar Sites

Bing has unveiled a new feature that gives users competitive backlink data for similar and recommended sites.

Windows 10 Includes Improved Cortana

Cortana has received some nice upgrades in Windows 10, with a focus on helping users be more productive.

Microsoft Won’t Force Bing Search In Office 365 ProPlus

On January 22, Microsoft announced it would include the Microsoft Search Bing extension with Office 365 ProPlus, effectively making Bing the default search engine, forcing it on users whether they wanted it or not.

Microsoft Search Unveils Acronym Search Feature

TLA, TOS, GAAP, SEO, GDPR, CCPA, NTP, RTM—the acronyms in business are endless. Now Microsoft Search is making it easier for employees to find out what their companies’ acronyms means, according to a company blog post. Microsoft Search is an…

Verizon Launches OneSearch, A Privacy-Focused Search Engine

Verizon has announced the launch of OneSearch, a brand-new search engine focused on privacy, according to a press release. Privacy is increasingly becoming a major factor for tech companies, governments and users alike. The European Union’s Genera Data Protection Regulation…

Google Finds A Way To Profit From EU Antitrust Ruling—At Bing’s Expense

Last March Google was fined a record $5 billion by the EU over antitrust charges related to the company tying its browser and search engine to the Android OS. It appears the company has found a way to abide by…

Microsoft Introduces Bing Pages To Help Individuals & Companies Manage Their Brands

First reported by MSPoweruser, Microsoft has unveiled Bing Pages, a new way “for brands to manage their public personas on Microsoft products like Bing and Outlook.” When searching for a well-known or popular person, company or brand, Bing will often…

Windows Search Bar Upgraded With Visual Search

Microsoft announced a major upgrade to the Windows search bar, giving users the ability to search using an image. The feature is designed to work with screenshots. “Simply click the Bing Visual Search button in the bottom right corner and…

The Latest Tool For Cybercriminals: Google Analytics

According to cloud security firm Akamai, cybercriminals are using Google Analytics to gauge the success of their phishing campaigns. The report highlights that just over 56.1% of all websites are using some form of analytics, with Google the leading analytics…

What if Bing Became the Free Speech Search Engine?

Bing has a real opportunity to gain market share on Google for the first time in years. Half the country believes that Google is slanting its algorithm and search results. What if Microsoft’s Bing started marketing itself as the free speech search engine? It could be the Pepsi vs. Coke of the digital age.

Yellzz in Lead Gen Pilot with Microsoft Bing Search Engine

Wouldn’t it be great if your business could be in real-time contact with your potential customer while they are looking at your ad or business listing in a directory or search engine? With Yellzz Super Ads, businesses can do just that.