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Tag: Bing

Caught In the Middle: Apple Used Bing As Leverage In Google Search Deal
Microsoft was reportedly far more serious about Bing becoming the default search engine on the iPhone and Mac than Apple ever was....
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The Verge Slams Microsoft for Malware-Like Tactics to Push Bing
Microsoft appears to be ramping up its efforts to push its Bing search engine, with The Verge (rightfully) likening the company's tactics to malware....
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Bad Actors Using Google & Bing Advertising Networks to Spread Malware
Bad actors are using Google and Bing's advertising networks to spread malware in an effort "to compromise business networks."...
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OpenAI Blocks Bing Integration Temporarily
OpenAI announced it is temporarily blocking Bing integration in response to feedback that it is displaying some information it shouldn't....
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The Challenges of Brand Search and PPC
As a brand, you are always looking for ways to get people to your website and get them to convert more. It used to be just interest-based keywords on ...
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Short Hills Capital’s Steve Weis: ‘Google Is On Borrowed Time’
In an interview with CNBC, Short Hills Capital's Steve Weis says Google is on borrowed time thanks to Microsoft's Bing AI....
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Microsoft Edge Is Sending All the URLs You Visit to Bing
Microsoft Edge appears to have major privacy flaw, sending all URLs a person visits to the company's search engine....
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Samsung May Default to Bing, Sending Google Into a Panic
The cracks in Google's search dominance are beginning to show, with Samsung considering making Bing the default on its devices....
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AI Helps Drive Bing Across the 100M Daily User Threshold
Bing has hit an important milestone, thanks to an AI-driven boost, now boasting 100 million Daily Active Users....
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Meta Plans to Incorporate AI Across Its Platforms
Meta is preparing to incorporate artificial intelligence across its platforms, playing catch-up to Microsoft and Google....
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Users Can Now Adjust Bing AI’s Personality
Microsoft has added a major new feature to its Bing AI, allowing users to choose how they want the AI to behave....
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It’s Official: Bing Is Cool, and Google Search Is In Trouble
Microsoft's AI-powered Bing represents an existential threat to Google's search, with early reports suggesting Google may be in serious trouble....
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Microsoft Expands AI Bing Preview to Mobile Apps & Skype
Microsoft has expanded its AI-powered Bing preview, incorporating it in Bing and Edge mobile apps, as well as Skype....
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Google CEO Wants Employees to Spend 2-4 Hours Improving Bard AI
Google CEO Sundar Pichai is pulling out all the stops to improve the company's Bard AI, asking employees to spend 2-4 hours helping....
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AppSheet Founder: Google ‘Slowly Ceased to Function’
AppSheet founder Praveen Seshadri, who sold his company to Google Cloud in 2020, has harsh words for the tech giant....
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DuckDuckGPT Combines DuckDuckGo and ChatGPT
Microsoft may be working to bring ChatGPT-based tech to Bing, but one enterprising developer has already the AI to DuckDuckGo....
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Google CEO Under Fire for ‘Rushed, Botched’ AI Reveal
Google CEO Sundar Pichai is under fire from employees over how the company has handled its response to Microsoft's AI....
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Satya Nadella: ‘We Made Google Dance’ With AI-Powered Bing
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is enjoying putting pressure on Google using ChatGPT, saying he has "been waiting for it."...
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Google Bard Flubs Its Debut, Gives Wrong Answer in Company Ad
Google Bard, the company's ChatGPT competitor, has flubbed its debut by providing the wrong answer to a question....
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Microsoft Announces AI-Powered Bing and Edge Web Browser
As expected, Microsoft has taken the wraps off of the latest version of Bing, one that relies on artificial intelligence to provide answers....
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