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Tag: Bing Ads

Bing Ads Get Social Extensions For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr
Microsoft announced that Bing Ads is now testing social extensions in the U.S. These are a new type of ad extension that advertisers can place under t...
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Microsoft Adds New Tracking Parameters for URLs in Bing Ads
Microsoft announced some new tracking parameters for URLs in Bing Ads. There are three new tags – {Campaign}, {AdGroup} and {Network}. Advertise...
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Microsoft Updates Bing Ads Editor With Native Ad Support And More
Microsoft announced the release of Bing Ads Editor version 10.9.1, which includes support for Bing Native Ads, faster ad extension imports, and improv...
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Bing Ads Gets New Keyword Diagnosis Tool
Microsoft announced that there is a new inline keyword diagnosis tool in Bing Ads that gives advertisers information about their keywords without havi...
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Microsoft’s Bing Ads Apps Just Got A Lot Better
Microsoft announced some new features for its Bing Ads iOS and Android apps. These include a visualization for Share of Voice, a way to understand how...
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Microsoft Unveils The Bing Network
The Yahoo Bing Network is no more, and Microsoft has now introduced simply The Bing Network. As you may recall, last year, Microsoft and Yahoo announc...
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4 New Features In Bing Ads Keyword Planner
Microsoft announced some enhancements to the Bing Ads Keyword Planner tool to give advertisers more insights into their campaigns. There are four new ...
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Microsoft Releases Bing Ads Tax eBook For Agencies
Microsoft announced that it has put together a new eBook for tax season aimed at giving agencies tips and insights to help their tax-related clients&#...
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Bing Talks 2016 Search Predictions, Looks At ’15 Trends
Microsoft is talking up the importance of search to marketers looking for “smart brand connections”. In doing so, it shares a look at the ...
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Here’s What’s Changing With Bing Ads Now That It Includes AOL
As you may know, Bing now powers AOL Search worldwide, including exclusively in the the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia. In light of this, Microsoft...
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Bing Ads Gets New Mobile Campaign Monitoring Features
Microsoft announced the launch of two new features for campaign monitoring on iOS and Android: favorites and push notifications for Automated Rules. &...
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Bing Maps Gets Traffic Cameras
Microsoft announced the launch of traffic cameras in Bing Maps. Yep, you read that correctly. “Seeing is believing,” the company says in a...
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Microsoft Launches Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner Program
Microsoft announced the launch of a new program for SMB Bing Ads partners who have “proven their competence” when it comes to bringing suc...
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Bing Tells You How Not To Get Kicked Out of Bing Ads
Microsoft took the time this week to highlight some things that will get Bing Ads advertisers in trouble. Most of this is common sense stuff, but it&#...
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Microsoft’s Bing Ads Get New Image Extensions
Microsoft announced on Monday that Bing Ads now offers Image Extensions that can help advertisers capture user attention and increase clicks. Advertis...
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Bing Ads Editor for Mac Coming In The Summer
Microsoft announced that it’s working on a Bing Ads Editor for Mac, which will be coming early next summer. “Bing Ads Editor for Mac will ...
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Bing Ads Academy Training Program Announced
Microsoft announce the launch of Bing Ads Academy, a new training program for advertisers to learn how to get more out of Bing Ads. There are courses ...
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Bing Product Ads Get 5 New Features
Microsoft announced the launch of five new features for Bing Product Ads. These include: support for used and refurbished products as part of the inve...
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Bing Ads Get Remarketing Capabilities (Finally)
Microsoft announced that remarketing in Bing Ads is now available to advertisers. This lets you target people who have visited your website before. &#...
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Bing Makes Improvements To Conversion Tracking
Bing announced some new improvements to conversion tracking in Bing Ads aimed at speeding up and simplifying workflow and helping advertisers boost RO...
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