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Tag: Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton: GOP Supporters Jump On “Awful Legacy Of The Last Eight Years” Remarks
Bill Clinton surprised everyone today when he gave a speech in support of his wife, calling her the only one that can help “put the awful legacy...
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Ivanka Trump, Chelsea Clinton: Has Parents’ Race to White House Destroyed Their Friendship?
Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton became fast friends when their husbands introduced them several years ago. Recent comments on behalf of Donald Trump&...
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Bill Clinton: Petition Calls For Arrest And Prosecution Of Bill For Polling Violation
Bill Clinton is in some hot, well at least warm, water for violating a Massachusetts state voting law that prohibits campaigning for or against a cand...
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Monica Lewinsky Launches Anti-Bullying Campaign Ahead of Safer Internet Day
Monica Lewinsky is back in the news. No, she isn’t campaigning for or against Hillary Clinton. She is, however, launching her own anti-bullying ...
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Monica Lewinsky: Donald Trump Using Former Intern in Personal Attack on Hillary Clinton
Monica Lewinsky is back to bring shame upon the Clinton family–at least that’s Donald Trump’s intention. His campaign dredged up an ...
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Chelsea Clinton Shares “Chelsea’s Mom” Parody
Chelsea Clinton is, of course, 100 percent behind her mother, Hillary, as her campaign for president rides the political waves. While Chelsea Clinton ...
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Elian Gonzalez: Where Is He 15 Years Later?
Elian Gonzalez was a boy torn between two homes. Elian Gonzalez, at just six years old in 1999, was taken by his mother aboard a homemade raft with 10...
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How Old is Hillary Clinton? Is She Practically Guaranteed the Democratic Nomination?
How old is Hillary Clinton? The question is trending in light of the former first lady throwing her hat into that proverbial presidential contender...
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Monica Lewinsky Shares ‘Devastating Consequences’ of Affair With Bill Clinton to Fight Cyberbullying in TED Talk
Monica Lewinsky appeared in Vancouver Thursday for a TED Talk and went straight to the point. “At the age of 22, I fell in love with my boss. An...
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Monica Lewinsky: Artist Says She’s Hidden in Bill Clinton Portrait
Monica Lewinsky will forever tarnish the image of former President Bill Clinton, and in more ways than one, too. In addition to forever being the inte...
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Monica Lewinsky is One of Alan Cumming’s ‘Best Friends’, Loyal, Loving
Alan Cumming recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live! to speak with host Andy Cohen about the latest Broadway run of Cabaret, in which Cumming pl...
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Monica Lewinsky Steps Back Into Public Spotlight To Fight Cyberbullying
Returning back to the limelight is Monica Lewinsky, the ex-White House intern who had a sexual relationship with President Bill Clinton. Lewinsky has ...
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Monica Lewinsky Talks Clinton Sex Scandal
Monica Lewinsky is still talking about the Clinton sex scandal and although she claims to be embarrassed and ashamed of the affair, she doesn’t seem...
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Monica Lewinsky Talks Falling in Love With Bill Clinton
Monica Lewinsky has a new goal in life–ending cyber bullying. But in the meantime she has managed to rehash–a.k.a. justify–her actio...
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Monica Lewinsky Speaks Candidly About Bill Clinton Affair and Joins Twitter, Amassing 35K Followers in 8 Hours
Monica Lewinsky, the woman best known for an infamous affair with President Bill Clinton, spoke candidly Monday about the aftermath of the scandal. Le...
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Monica Lewinsky Joins Twitter, Thousands Follow
It seems that at 41-years-old, Monica Lewinsky is ready for her second act. The most famous former intern ever, announced herself to the Twitter world...
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Matt Damon Does Impression Of Bill Clinton At Clinton Global Initiative
Actor Matt Damon produced a lighthearted moment at the Clinton Global Initiative last Tuesday, September 23 when he did his impression of the former p...
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Bill Clinton Still the Cock of the Walk
Bill Clinton’s second term in office may have been plagued by scandal. The Monica Lewinsky discovery coming at the end of a long bout of investigati...
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Malia Obama Turned Sweet 16 on the 4th of July
Malia Obama turned sweet 16 on Friday–the 4th of July. The daughter of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama is just one of sever...
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Monica Lewinsky “Virgin” Comment Starts Jokes Again
The late 1990s were not kind to Monica Lewinsky. She was the punchline to many jokes about dresses, cigars, and interns. When the scandal surrounding ...
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