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Tag: Beyond: Two Souls

‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Mobile Controller App Released
Sony today announced that the “Beyond Touch” app for the recently released Beyond: Two Souls is now officially out for both iOS and Androi...
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‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Bonus Content Previewed
The latest Quantic Dream experiment in interactive storytelling, Beyond: Two Souls was released this week. Gamers who pre-ordered the game from some r...
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Beyond: Two Souls Wants You To Know It’s Not Like Heavy Rain
Quantic Dream’s first game for the PS3 – Heavy Rain – wasn’t exactly a game. It was more of an interactive film where the play...
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Beyond: Two Souls’ TV Spot Will Make You Forget It’s A Game
Beyond: Two Souls is what director David Cage likes to call “interactive drama.” It’s like a movie where the audience gets to choose...
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Learn More About The Art Of Beyond: Two Souls
There is one last big PS3 title left in 2013 before the launch of the PS4 – Beyond: Two Souls. Over the last few months, Sony has been hyping th...
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‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Previewed by Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe
Early game reveals for Beyond: Two Souls focused mainly on Jodie and her supernatural life partner that she has named Aiden. Later videos showed how a...
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Here’s A Look At The Music In Beyond: Two Souls
I can’t say I really remember the music in Fahrenheit or Heavy Rain all that well. That’s not to knock David Cage and his team at Quantic ...
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This Is How You’ll Play Beyond: Two Souls
Beyond: Two Souls, like David Cage’s other games, are more movies than games. Sure, there are some interactive elements, but they take a backsea...
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Beyond: Two Souls Gets A Making Of Feature
Are you interested in the creative process behind David Cage’s new movie/game Beyond: Two Souls? If so, you’re in luck as the team at Quan...
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E3 2013: The Dark Sorcerer Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See This Week
Comedy is hard. Comedy in games is even harder. That’s why it’s such a delight to see Sony diving headfirst into comedy with the a fantast...
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Beyond: Two Souls Tribeca Trailer, Footage Released
Over the weekend, footage from Beyond: Two Souls was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival. As promised, the a brand new trailer for the video game wa...
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Beyond: Two Souls to be Screened at Tribeca
The Tribeca Film Festival is wrapping up this week, and Sony has a bit of a surprise for gamers who also love movies. The publisher has announced that...
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Beyond: Two Souls Stars Willem Dafoe, Releases October 8
It’s been known for almost a year that Juno star Ellen Page did extensive motion capture work for Beyond: Two Souls, and that her likeness would...
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New Beyond: Two Souls Footage Shown at Gamescom
Beyond: Two Souls was one of the big hits from Sony’s big E3 press conference. The game is the latest title from Quantic Dream, the developer be...
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Behind The Scenes: Making A Video Game With Ellen Page
The making of a video game is often a painstaking, tedious process, especially now that technology has progressed enough for artists to make a game so...
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Beyond: Two Souls Gameplay Footage Leaked From E3
At Sony’s big E3 press conference this year, the game Sony chose to show off first was the next game from Heavy Rain developers Quantic Dream. B...
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