Bebo CEO Levin Not Popular With Investors

In June 2012, AOL sold the Bebo social network to Criterion Capital Partners. About six months later, Entrepreneur Richard Hecker, TV executive Michael Jackson, Ron Conway’s SV Angel Investmets, and Michael and Xochi Birch of MXB Holdings (also Bebo co-founders),…

AOL Has Reportedly Found a Buyer for Bebo

Update 2: PaidContent reports confirmation:

Per Wednesday’s speculation, LA private equity firm Criterion Capital Partners has confirmed it’s buying social network Bebo from AOL.

Hitwise Documents Bebo’s Decline

Anyone who’s shocked that AOL is giving up on Bebo will probably feel a lot more understanding after viewing new stats from Hitwise.  Indeed, the real question a graph seems to raise is not whether AOL’s right to back away, but whether any potential buyers will surface.

View the carnage for yourself below.  As you can see, Bebo’s had rather few "up" weeks in the UK since June of 2007, even though Ireland was traditionally one of the markets in which it was most successful.

AOL Prepared To Unload Bebo

Less than a week ago, the former president of Bebo joined Facebook, and now, AOL’s admitted that the social network it bought for $850 million has been beaten by Mark Zuckerberg’s leviathan.  AOL intends to either sell or shut down Bebo in the near future.

UK Kids Ignoring Facebook Age Limits

A quarter of children in the UK aged 8-12 who use the Internet at home say they have a profile on Facebook, Bebo or MySpace, although the minimum age is 13, according to new research from communications regulator Ofcom.