AI Used to Restore Rembrandt’s The Night Watch

Artificial intelligence has crossed another milestone, being used to restore Rembrandt’s masterpiece The Night Watch.

Huawei and ZTE Excluded From India’s 5G Trials

Huawei and ZTE are in an all-too-familiar situation, both of them being excluded from a country’s 5G trials.

Intel CEO Wants Apple Back As a Customer

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has his sights set on regaining Apple as a customer, thanks to Intel’s planned factories in Arizona.

Facebook’s AI Chatbot Displays Empathy and Personality

Facebook claims to have created an artificial intelligence chatbot that can display empathy, personality and knowledge.

Pulse News Launches Local Feature

News application Pulse announced today that it’s launching Local, a new category that allows users to easily discover what’s going on around them, including news, sports, food and deals. Pulse local “will always keep you in the know.” Pulse Local…