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Tag: Batman: Arkham Origins

‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Mr. Freeze-Themed DLC Announced
Fans of the Batman: Arkham games can’t be blamed for being a bit disappointed with Batman: Arkham Origins. The game arrived buggy on nearly ever...
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‘Arkham Origins’ DLC Cancelled For Wii U
Since the launch of the Wii U, arguably the biggest third-party series on the console has been the Batman: Arkham games. The console launched with a w...
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‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ DLC Map Previewed
Only weeks from its release, Batman: Arkham Origins is now one of the newer big titles to receive big discounts from online retailers on “Cyber ...
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‘Batman: Arkham Collection’ Bundle Announced
Normally game publishers wait a year or two since their latest game release before offering their anthology or heritage series collections. Given the ...
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‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Out Today
In the U.S. it’s odd to see a non-Nintendo game released on any day other than than a Tuesday. Warner Bros., however, has decided to buck the tr...
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Here’s 17 Minutes Of Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay
Batman: Arkham Origins has a lot of fans anxious as it’s the first game in the franchise not made by Rocksteady. The new developers at Warner Br...
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Batman: Arkham Origins Is Also Coming To Mobile
Batman: Arkham Origins has only a few more weeks until it has to prove whether or not it lives up to the high pedigree set by Arkham Asylum and Arkham...
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Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass Detailed
Yesterday, Warner Bros. revealed that everyone who pre-orders the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins will receive the “Deathstroke Challenge Pack&#...
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Here’s Some Deathstroke Gameplay From Batman: Arkham Origins
Earlier this year, WB Games announced that those who pre-ordered Batman: Arkham Origins will get the Deathstroke Challenge Pack for free. Much like Ar...
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Surprise: Batman Arkham Origins Will Look Best On The PC
Batman: Arkham City will not be getting a next-gen version when it releases later this year as the development team has decided to focus entirely on c...
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Here’s A Trailer For That Handheld Batman Game
Batman is pretty busy this year. Not only is the caped crusader coming to home consoles and PC in this year’s Arkham Origins, but he’s als...
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Batman: Arkham Origins Is Looking Pretty Good
Were you skeptical of Batman: Arkham Origins when it was first announced? It being a prequel as well as no longer being developed by Rocksteady were b...
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Batman: Arkham Origins Gets Multiplayer
In the modern tradition of adding multiplayer modes to video games that don’t seem to need them, Warner Bros. today announced that the upcoming ...
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Comic-Con 2013: New ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Villain Revealed
San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing and the movie, video game, and general geek culture announcements are coming fast. At yesterday’s Batman: A...
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Here’s The Full 5-Minute Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer
On Friday, Warner Bros. Games revealed a short teaser trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins that showed a small preview of Batman facing off against Deat...
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Watch Batman And Deathstroke Face Off In The First Arkham Origins Trailer
Warner Bros. Games is going to milk the Arkham franchise for all its worth later this year with the release of Batman: Arkham Origins. The title is a ...
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