Oracle Begins Audit of TikTok’s Algorithms for Beijing’s Influence

TikTok is pulling out all the stops to prove it is independent of Beijing’s influence, turning to Oracle to audit its algorithms.

Meta Halts Millions in Funding for US News Publishers

Meta is changing how it deals with US news publishers in the wake of its first-ever drop in revenue.

Amazon Music Set to Pass Pandora For Number Two Spot

Amazon Music is set to pass Pandora as the second-largest music app, leaving only Spotify ahead of it.

Detroit Deploys First EV Charging Road in the US

Charging electric vehicles (EVs) is about to get a whole lot easier, at least for one section of road in Detroit, with in-road charging.

The Next Corporate Real Estate Trend: Climate-Proof Locales

The global pandemic has significantly changed the corporate real estate scene, but climate change may be poised to have an even greater impact.

Intel CEO: Previous CEOs Lost Focus on What Made Company Successful

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger isn’t pulling any punches about why Intel has struggled recently, blaming his predecessors for leading the company the wrong way.

Your Next Streaming Service: Salesforce

Salesforce is preparing to enter the video streaming market, a major departure from its current CRM and enterprise offerings.

Google CEO Criticized For Response to AI Researcher’s Exit

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has sent an email to Google employees in an effort to address backlash the company is facing over Dr. Timnit Gebru’s exit.

Uber Looking to Sell Uber Elevate Air Taxi Business

Uber is in talks to sell its air taxi business, Uber Elevate, to Joby Aviation.

TikTok Pulling Out of Hong Kong

TikTok has announced plans to pull out of Hong Kong in the wake of a new national security law.