Autonomous Cars Harder to Develop Than Elon Musk Thought

Elon Musk has admitted developing autonomous cars is harder than he thought, as the timeline for the latest software update slips again.

Toyota Invests $400 Million In to Accelerate Autonomous Driving has announced that it has secured $400 million in funding from Toyota to help develop its autonomous driving tech.

Verizon CEO: 5G and Cloud Computing Combination ‘Is So Transformative’

In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg talked about Verizon’s recent cloud partnership with Amazon, as well as the transformative effects 5G will bring, especially when paired with cloud computing. On Cloud Computer Partnership With Amazon “It…

Renault Investing Heavily in the Mobility Revolution

The world’s leading automotive alliance, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, is spending a billion dollars over the next five years investing in technology-focused mobility startups. François Dossa, says that they are investing in technologies that will make the mobility of the future.

Drive.AI Launches Free Self-Driving Car Service in Arlington, Texas

Drive.AI has launched a free self-driving car service in Arlington, Texas. “In Arlington, we are launching three different services,” said Drive.AI CEO Bijit Halde.

There Has Never Been a Moment Like This: Driverless Vehicles Recognized by US

Driverless vehicles have the ability to literally change the world by making driving safer, more energy efficient, more accessible, and many will be happy to hear… eliminate congestion and gridlock. The government today made an important first step in truly…

Google Self-Driving Cars Hit Public Roads This Summer

Google is almost ready to put its self-driving cars on public roads. According to the company, the “next step” in the project involves putting its prototypes on the roads of Mountain View this summer. Google’s self-driving cars will be capped…

Elon Musk Thinks Driving Could Be Outlawed at Some Point (Hopefully Not Though)

Will there ever come a day when it is actually illegal to get behind the wheel of a car and drive it yourself? Tesla founder and possible Terminator Elon Musk says yes, this is a distinct possibility. Musk made his…

Google’s Driverless Cars Feel the Need for Speed (Cause It’s Safer!)

Try using this excuse the next time you get pulled over for speeding. According to Google, exceeding the speed limit is actually safer than strictly obeying the law in some circumstances. For this reason, the company’s autonomous vehicles are allowed…