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Revolutionizing Auto Insurance: How Technology Has Changed the Game for Consumers
Learn all about how technology has been revolutionizing auto insurance for consumers in the article below....
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Amazon’s New Car Hub: Amazon Vehicles
Amazon is getting into the auto business with Amazon Vehicles, but not by becoming a sales platform for the cars themselves, but by being a car inform...
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Google Releases Android Auto APIs To Developers
Google first introduced Android Auto, its vehicle-based Android platform, at Google I/O in June. The company has now released its APIs to developers t...
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2015 Corvette Z06: Chevy’s Most Powerful Convertible
’tis the season to be breezin’ down winding roads – radio up and top down – in your convertible. Just in time for these warm weather fanta...
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2015 Ford Mustang Fitted with Whipple Supercharger
The sixth-generation 2015 Ford Mustang is set for sale in November, and Whipple Superchargers has already engineered a 700-horsepower engine upgrade f...
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ZR1 Blue Devil Corvette Recovered From Sinkhole
The National Corvette Museum has started recovering the eight cars that fell into the sinkhole that appeared in the museum last month. The museum, whi...
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VW Beetle Celebrates 65 Years in America
January 2014 marks 65 years since Volkswagen’s iconic Beetle first appeared in America, putting both the recognizable car and Volkswagen as an a...
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Tesla Stock Rockets Despite Hazardous Adapter Recall
The fourth quarter was a definite success for Tesla Motors Inc. The electric car maker indicated yesterday that its Model S sedan deliveries surpassed...
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Google Finds Its Way Into Hyundais And Kias
Google announced today that Hyundai and Kia (both of Hyundai Motors Groups) are now using Google Maps technology in their vehicles. These automakers j...
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If BMW Is Doing This, Why Wouldn’t Google Combine Driverless Cars With Project Glass?
BMW has an augmented reality “smart windshield technology,” which is seems much like what Google is doing with Project Glass. The followin...
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Larry Page On Google Self-Driving Cars: Think About Your Children
Google CEO Larry Page spoke at the Zeitgeist 2012 event this week, talking about Google’s Glasses, search, and various other topics. He briefly ...
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Google Self-Driving Car Makes a Trip to Lake Tahoe
In case you misplaced the self-awareness that working at Google will always be cooler than your job, Sebastian Thrun, Google Fellow and Vice President...
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Google Isn’t The Only One With Self-Driving Cars
Google has made a lot of headlines with its self-driving cars. Last week, they put out the following video, showing one of the cars driving a blind ma...
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Google Self-Driving Car Takes Blind Man To Taco Bell
Google uploaded a video of a self-driving car test, showing Steve Mahan, a legally blind man behind the wheel, and stopping at Taco Bell for a burrito...
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Google’s Driverless Cars Inspire New California Legislation
Last summer, Nevada legalized autonomous cars, clearing the way for Google’s driverless cars program. Earlier this month, news came out that the...
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WHI Solutions Acquired By eBay [Breaking]
eBay just announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire WHI Solutions, which provides software and digital catalog solutions for auto parts di...
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2013 Honda Fit EV Joins Google’s GFleet
Last June, Google announced that it begun including next-gen plug-in vehicles in its car-sharing program for Googlers, which it calls “GFleet...
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Google Driverless Cars: Now Patented
I’m sure you’ve heard about the driverless cars Google has by now. It’s just one of those interestingly wacky things Google does. Now, the compa...
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Ford Announces Free Upgrade to MyFord Touch Interface
This morning, Ford announced some upgrades and new features for its MyFord Touch system, beginning with model year 2013. The upgrade will also be avai...
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Bing Adds Enhanced Auto Search Results
Bing has added a new feature to its search results in enhanced auto results, which show information about automobiles right on the search results p...
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