Coronavirus: Senators Express Privacy Concerns Over Google Screening Site

It was bound to happen: Senators have expressed concern about Google’s role in developing a site to help screen potential coronavirus patients.

Coronavirus: Google Scrambling to Catch Up to Trump’s Announcement

President Trump surprised Google Friday, saying the company was working on a coronavirus web portal. Now the company is scrambling to catch up.

Google Health Now Has 500 Employees

According to the report, the new team is headquartered in Palo Alto offices that were formerly used by the Nest team. The team is led by David Feinberg, a relative newcomer to Google, having joined the company in 2019.

Google Faces Government Scrutiny Over “Project Nightingale” and Patient Privacy

On the heels of news that Google has partnered with Ascension to collect data on millions of American patients, CBS News is reporting that government officials are opening an inquiry into the deal. Ascension is the second largest chain of…

Secret Google Program Amasses Treasure Trove of Patient Health Data

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a secret Google program is collecting health data on millions of Americans—without patients or doctors knowing about it. The program, dubbed “Project Nightingale,” began last year with “St. Louis-based Ascension, a Catholic chain…

Tricia Helfer: Galactica Cylon Vixen Back on SyFy

When Tricia Helfer first walked onto the screen in the pilot episode of the Battlestar Galactica reboot, and planted one on a startled human emissary, sci-fi geeks took a collective gasp. What the hell had happened to the toasters?! As…

Tricia Helfer Dishes on Playing the ‘Beautiful, Manipulative and Dangerous’ Viondra in SyFy’s ‘Ascension’

Tricia Helfer debuted her new lead role in SyFy’s six-part space mini-series, Ascension, on Monday. The Battlestar Galactica alum plays the spacecraft captain’s wife, Viondra Denninger, a woman described as “beautiful, manipulative and dangerous.” Helfer said she has no beef…