Arizona Bill to Regulate App Stores Dead on Arrival

A controversial Arizona bill that would have had profound implications for Apple and Google’s app stores has been killed without a vote.

Arizona House Passes Legislation Targeting App Store Payments

Just weeks after North Dakota failed, the Arizona House has passed legislation to force Apple and Google to allow third-party payments options.

Arizona Sues Google For Collecting Location Data After Users Opt Out

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has filed a lawsuit against Google, claiming the search giant collects location data even after users opt out.

TSMC Will Build $12 Billion Semiconductor Factory in US

Following reports the Trump administration was in talks with chip makers to build US factories, TSMC has announced plans to do just that.

Tombstone Shooting: Reenactment Mishap Injures Two at O.K. Corral

Things got a little too real in Tombstone, Arizona this past weekend as two people at a reenactment were shot with actual bullets. Tombstone, Arizona is home to one of the most famous shootouts of all time – the Gunfight…

Uber Sets Up Another Hub for Self-Driving Car Research

Uber is setting up another hub for self-driving car research. This one’s at the University of Arizona. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, Uber, and the college announced the initiative on Tuesday. “Through the statement of intent that we signed today, Uber…

Mesa Shooting Victim Has Ultimate But First, Let Me Take a Selfie Moment

I most certainly require medical attention, but first let me take a selfie. One way to document a traumatic ordeal is to Snapchat it and send it to your friends. Isaac Martinez, who was one of the people shot in…

Everyone Must Get a Selfie with This Gold Van Double Parked at a Walmart

In Maricopa, Arizona, there’s a new local celebrity. It’s not a person, but an old, gold van that’s terribly parked in the local Walmart parking lot. For some reason, the golden Oldsmobile Silhouette is the must-selfie location of the year.…

Jodi Arias Trial: Death Penalty A Possibility

Jodi Arias could be facing the death penalty if prosecutors of her case have their way. Arias is tied up in an ongoing retrial of the sentencing portion of her 2012 conviction for murdering her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. She claims…

Arizona Shooting Range Instructor Shot By 9-Year-Old; Should Kids Be Allowed to Handle Guns?

A shooting range instructor from Arizona died on Monday after being shot accidentally by his 9-year-old student. Charles Vacca was training the girl to use an Uzi. In a time when many lawmakers are trying to tighten gun control measures,…