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Apple Will Enforce macOS App Notarization Starting February 2020
According to a post on Apple’s developer site, the company will start enforcing notarization prerequisites in February 2020. Apple previously announ...
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Google Adds Natural Search to Drive
Google has brought the natural search capabilities of Google Search to Drive, making it easier and more intuitive to find your company files. Google i...
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Google Drive Lets You Launch Desktop Apps In Chrome
Google announced that Google Drive will now let you launch applications from your desktop computer in the Chrome browser. You’ll need a Chrome e...
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Find Pants That Actually Fit With Kinect
Shopping for pants is hard. I know that by watching my female friends spend hours in clothing stores only to walk out with a single pair of pants. I m...
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The Echo Nest: Where Big Data Is Taking the Music Industry
A trend known as “big data” is hitting the tech industry as consumers are sharing more and more data about themselves online through social networ...
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Kinect Accelerator Participants Announced
It’s pretty obvious now that Kinect is not just for games that have you flail your arms wildly about in hopes of beating your opponent senseless...
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Interview: uberlife Launches to Turn Online Connections into Real World Friends
With SXSW starting tomorrow, many startups are launching in hopes of becoming the next Twitter or Foursquare. One of the startups that shares this dre...
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CES 2012: Microsoft Announces Kinect For Windows
Kinect is finally making the official move from Xbox 360 to Windows-based PCs. Last night at Microsoft’s final CES keynote, they announced that the ...
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Facebook Messenger For Windows Finds Its Way Into The Public
Update: Facebook has asked us to provide this official download link for the application here. The Facebook Messenger app for Windows has been leaked ...
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Instagram Quickly Becoming Its Own Social Media Circle
Leveraging social media on mobile devices is a task best saved for the established companies and the proliferation of the mobile applications, or at l...
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DoubleTap Sharing On the Android
Near Field Communications (NFC — not the football division, either) is an incredibly exploitable technology with mobile devices, whether it be f...
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Salesforce Acquiring Heroku – Major Platform for Social Apps
It's only Wednesday, but it's already been a huge week for Salesforce. The company is hosting its ...
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A New Option for Businesses to Levarage Facebook Places
Social app developer Fan Appz has just announced that it has integrated its platform with Facebook Places. The...
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Google Makes Scheduling Improvements to Google Calendar
Google is rolling out some changes to the event page in Google Calendar. The goal is to make scheduling events easier, while making the style more ...
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Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Coming in October
Microsoft announced today that it will make Office for Mac 2011 available in over 100 count...
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The Hotlist Comes to the iPhone
Geo-social aggregator The Hotlist has launched a new iPhone app aimed at letting users see the latest on th...
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News “Game Changers” Coming Out of the Woodwork
News Corp. is reportedly considering working on some new app-based news product that would be separate from any of its existing print or web public...
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LinkedIn Now A Place to Seek Legal Insight Related to Your Industry
LinkedIn has been spotlighting some new apps that third-parties have been building for the professional social network. For one, they shared ...
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LinkedIn Gets an App to Display Portfolios
There is a new LinkedIn app called Creati...
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Conduit: We’re Doing for Web Apps What iPhone Did for Mobile Apps
Mobile apps have captured much press and imagination this week, as Google has ...
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