iOS App Coming for Google+?

For those of you wondering where the iOS app is for Google+ is, you may finally have an answer, albeit a vague one. It appears as though the Google+ iOS app has been submitted to the App Store, sometime prior…

New Facebook App: Spank A Friend

When’s the last time you poked one of your friends? Before your mind starts to run rampant, I’m referring to a Facebook Poke. I’m sure most of you, like myself, have tried to figure out what the benefit of poking…

Earth Hour Gets iPhone App

Earth Hour is fast approaching, and in a little over four days millions of people will flip off the lights to show solidarity in the cause of protecting Mother Earth.  The simple act may reflect an effort to use less…

2 Million Apps Downloaded for Samsung Smart TVs

A rep for Samsung emailed WebProNews to tell us that Samsung has reached 2 million apps downloaded for its smart TVs in 53 days. Not quite as impressive as Apple’s Mac store hitting a million app downloads in a single day, but the connected TV industry is a bit of a different beast. The rep writes:

‘Friends’ App May Become Your New Contact List

How much time do you spend trying to keep with all your friends on the various social platforms? Chances are it’s quite a bit. Most of your friends are probably on Facebook, some are hard die heard Twitterers, and some won’t let go of MySpace.

Traditional Gaming Extends To Mobile Apps

While many have enjoyed gaming on their mobile devices, there has been little effort to extend traditional gaming on a PC or console to the mobile app arena. A game which looks to release next year, Guild Wars 2, is venturing out by allowing mobile app integration into the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) gaming experience.

Rick Ellis is a tech director at Arenanet, who is developing Guild Wars 2. He’s leading a team towards what is being referred to as the ‘Extended Experience‘.

Enjoy These 5 Mobile Apps This Labor Day Weekend

Family reunions and quick getaways have become a Labor Day tradition for most people, but which apps work best for taking holiday trips? Grip’ spent several months testing various apps on each platform to see which ones make’s top five travel apps. If you have an iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone, here’s a quick rundown of the best 5 travel apps:

Data Suggests Mobile Apps Will Surpass CD in Sales By 2012

Just how big is the market for mobile apps?