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Tag: Anti-Piracy

The Pirate Bay Sues Anti-Piracy Outfit For Copyright Infringement
In the eyes of the entertainment industry, The Pirate Bay is nothing but a piracy outfit dedicated to destroying their business. These groups make it ...
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Verizon Will Start Throttling The Internet Of Accused Pirates Soon
It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the six strikes anti-piracy program being put into place by ISPs across the U.S. The la...
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The Pirate Bay Fighting Censorship One IP Address At A Time
Remember when The Pirate Bay was blocked in the UK on the grounds that it enabled copyright on a massive scale? That may have been only the most recen...
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Facebook, Twitter Aren’t Required To Have Anti-Piracy Software, Court Says
Europe’s top court dealt a blow to anti-piracy crusaders and tallied a win for proponents of Internet freedom today by ruling that social networ...
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Clay Shirky Discusses The Bad Ideas That Are SOPA and PIPA
It’s apparent that the SOPA/PIPA-inspired Internet blackouts raised the public’s conscious concerning the anti-piracy legislation Washingt...
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The Twitter Crowd Weighs in with Things Better Than SOPA
Aside from the bouts of humor many Twitter users are providing, thanks, in large part to the @herpderpedia Twitter account’s work, it’s al...
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Another Republican Senator Backs Away From PIPA Sponsorship
When all of this anti-SOPA smoke clears, it appears as if the only government official who will be left standing on the side of the stop piracy acts w...
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Anti-Piracy Lawyer Rips Off Content from Competitor
John Steele, an anti-piracy “pay-up-or-else” lawyer, has filed close to 100 mass-lawsuits for his clients, targeting thousands of BitTorre...
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