AndroLib Counts 200,000 App Submissions To Android Market

Five months ago, an organization called AndroLib indicated that 100,000 apps had been submitted to the Android Market.  Now, although AndroLib’s stats aren’t official, it looks like a whole lot of growth has taken place, as the latest graph shows the number has topped 200,000.

Have a look at the growth curve for yourself below.  It seems Android’s popularity with developers isn’t exactly tailing (or even leveling) off, which is good news for Google.  A platform with lots of apps should have a better ability to appeal to a wide range of people.

100,000 Submissions To Android Market Tallied

In late 2008, the Android Market launched, and ever since, it’s apparently been growing at faster and faster rates.  New research depicts the number of submitted apps as an ever-rising curve, and more importantly, shows that the number has topped 100,000.

AndroLib, which put the graph together, believes that figure’s accurate.  Or that if it is off the mark, it’s too low.  Google hasn’t confirmed or denied anything, as usual.