TrenDemon CEO: We Connect Content Marketing to Sales

The CEO of TrenDemon, Avishai Sharon, says that they created their cloud-based software solution in order to help companies prove that the marketing content they produced also achieved business goals and sales.

Google Analytics 4: What You Should Know

Web analytics have come a long way. Learn more about the history of analytics, the start of Google Analytics, and Google Analytics 4 below.

Data Collection in a World of Internet Privacy

Data collection in a world of privacy can be a tricky thing. Learn how cookieless tracking is becoming the new standard.

How Heat Maps Can Be Useful To Your Business

The purpose of a heat map is to measure the density of data in a particular area. To differentiate different levels of density, heat maps employ various colors. In general, red and orange are utilized for higher densities and blue…

Judge ‘Disturbed’ by Google’s Data Tracking

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh has expressed she is “disturbed” by accusations regarding the depth of Google’s data tracking habits.

WordPress VIP Buying to Increase Enterprise Analytics

WordPress VIP (WPVIP), Automattic’s enterprise subsidiary, is buying to provide enterprise clients with content analytics.

How To Track Your Customer Journeys in Real-Time to Empower Your Sales Team

Jonathan Rowe, Chief Marketing Officer at nCino, says that taking in data on sales prospects and making it available to salespeople can drive results: “When you are bringing all of the data into one real-time place, then you can start empowering salespeople to use the data. You can track your customer journeys in real-time.”

Technology and Innovation Powering Levi Strauss Growth Strategy, Says CEO

Levi Strauss began trading on the New York Stock Exchange this morning under the ticker symbol ‘LEVI.’ By mid-afternoon, the stock was at $22.66, substantially higher than the price offered to institutional investors. It’s clear that investors believe that Levi’s can leverage technology and innovation to successfully compete online and in brick and mortar stores.

When It’s Game Time for Retail New Relic is There, Says CEO

Whether it’s for a popular mobile app, an online video game with millions of users, or a huge ecommerce platform, they all rely on critical New Relic insights to keep revenue flowing.

Starbucks Dramatically Increased Used of AI-Powered Customer Insights to Drive Growth, Says CEO

Starbucks has dramatically increased the use of AI-powered customer insights to drive growth, says Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson. During the most recent holiday season, Starbucks made data-driven decisions on a variety of items from the type of holiday cups they were offering to how they promoted gift cards, all designed to increase sales.

Google Expands Functionality of Property Sets to More Sections of Search Console

In a response to many requests by search managers and webmasters, Google has expanded the functionality of the wildly popular property sets feature to more sections of the Search Console. Google launched property sets back in May allowing you to…

New Features for Google Adwords: Campaign Groups and Performance Targets

Google announced today new features in their Adwords product, campaign groups and performance targets, both intended to make it easier for you to track and forecast the performance of your marketing campaigns. Campaign Groups The new campaign groups feature allows…

Google Search Console Introduces ‘Property Sets’

Google has launched ‘Property Sets’ within their Search Console allowing webmasters to combine apps and sites within a single group in order to monitor overall clicks and impressions within a single report. It will be rolling out to all users…

Google Just Revamped the Google Analytics Mobile App

Google released an update for the Google Analytics app on both Android and iOS, which improves access to a full overview of data and real-time business data, and lets you go deeper into reports with segments, customize your mobile dashboard,…

Google Analytics Adds User Explorer Reporting (And More)

Google’s latest release notes for Google Analytics reveal some interesting new features including a new set of reporting called User Explorer Reporting. This lets customers anonymously analyze individual interactions to their site. Google explains in the notes, “User Explorer utilizes…

New Facebook Video Crossposting Features Should Prove Helpful

Facebook made a ton of announcements on Tuesday. One that didn’t get quite as much as attention as some of the others could actually be one of the more useful ones for marketers. The company announced a new way for…

Facebook Adds Features To Analytics for Apps [F8]

Last year at its F8 developer conference, Facebook launched Analytics for Apps. At today’s event, the company announced push notifications and deeper insights for the offering as well as a new interface and better performance. There’s a new People Insights…

Facebook Instant Articles Now Officially Open To All Publishers

Two months ago, Facebook announced that on April 12, it would open Instant Articles to all publishers. That day has arrived, and Facebook has made good on its promise. With the company’s F8 developer conference underway, the company announced that…

Facebook Video Metrics Get Daily Breakdowns

Facebook is adding new daily breakdowns of metrics for videos to give Page owners a better understanding of how their videos are performing on a specific day. According to the company, this has been one of the most requested features.…

Twitter’s Crashlytics Gets Velocity Alerts

Twitter’s Crashlytics announced the launch of Velocity Alerts, which are designed to alert app developers about the most critical issues happening in their apps so they know when they really need to take action ASAP. For the alerts, they combine…