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Tag: algorithms

Alteryx Acquires Feature Labs, An MIT-Born Machine Learning Startup
Data science is one of the fastest growing segments of the tech industry, and Alteryx, Inc. is front and center in the data revolution. The Alteryx Pl...
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5 SEO Trends Digital Marketers Should Not Ignore in 2017
Anyone who has worked in the SEO field for a while would surely know that there is no fixed rule in the game. To consistently outperform your rival, i...
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Google Could Easily Rig an Election with Search Results, Says Study
Search results wield the power to color one’s view of any person, place, or thing. This is a given. And being the far-and-away biggest search en...
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Facebook Might Give Users More Control over News Feed
Facebook is still testing ways to let users prioritize particular friends and pages in their news feed – something that could be good news for all t...
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Google Maps’ Racist Results To Get the Googlebomb Fix
This post contains language some may find offensive. Google says it screwed up and is sorry for pointing people toward the White House, historically b...
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Twitter’s New ‘While You Were Away’ Feature Is a Smart Move to Keep People Interested
It’s easy to get lost in the Twitterverse. I’m not just talking about the the nearly 300 million-member community as a whole, but also you...
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If Online Media Is Decaying, Is Facebook to Blame?
You’d probably laugh if some higher up at Little Caesars posted an epic diatribe blasting the state of modern pizza. You might scratch your head...
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Facebook Sociology: You’re More Likely to Post a Status If You See a Bunch of Statuses from Friends
Facebook is always screwing around with their news feed algorithms, or what they call “trying to show you better, more relevant content.” ...
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Facebook Promises More Relevant Ads with Algorithm Tweak
Ads are just a part of your Facebook news feed now. Whether they’re sponsored stories, page post ads, suggested posts, or whatever – the p...
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StumbleUpon Looks To Get Better At Determining When Content Is Evergreen
StumbleUpon has an engineering contest going on, aimed at finding some help improving how it recommends content. Specifically, they’re looking f...
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When And Where You Watch Something On Netflix May Soon Play A Role In What You Watch
If you use Netflix regularly to stream movies and shows, then there’s a really good chance that its recommendations play a pretty big part in yo...
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New MIT Algorithm Predicts Twitter Trends Hours in Advance
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have announced a new algorithm they say is capable of predicting Twitter trends far in ...
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Science Finally Proves That Justin Bieber Sucks (really, pop music in general)
Radiohead’s Thom Yorke famously said that “the reason that people pirate, is they want access to good music. And they don’t get it b...
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The Algorithm That Leads To The Robotic Revolution Has Been Found
It was both charming and frightening when Google made the robot brain that learned what a cat was just by watching videos of them on YouTube. The kind...
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MIT Brains Work On “Smart Sand” Robots
Researchers at MIT are working on a project that could bring sci-fi fantasies to reality. But, then again, when aren’t they? Nowadays, if you wa...
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Computer Models Help Predict Dementia Patterns
Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College have developed a computer program that has tracked the manner in which different forms of dementia spread...
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YouTube Now Recommends Videos Based On Engagement, Not Just Clicks
How many times have you finished watching a YouTube video, then clicked on a suggested video only to end up watching something that doesn’t inte...
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Google Algorithm Testing – Search Giant Calls for Help Detecting Scrapers
Google announced that it is testing algorithmic changes for scraper sites – blog scrapers in particular. The company is calling on users to help...
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Google Provides Inside Look Into Algorithm Tweaking Process
Google tweaks its search algorithms over 500 times a year. You may have already known that, but Google is sharing a new video today designed to give p...
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Human Content Creation Still Safe For The Time Being
An article at Harvard Business Review takes an interesting look at “seven things human editors do that algorithms don’t (yet).” They...
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